Back in the 90's before worship dominated CCM the best way to get new songs was by word of mouth. I would often hear new music at various worship events. At the conclusion of these event I would ask the worship leader for a copy of the music. I had a binder filled with music that I got this way. Despite the wide publication of worship music these days there are plenty of awesome songs that still manage slip under the radar.

So what's your favorite worship song that no one knows about?

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Here's my contribution...  This is an awesome song based on the blessing of God outlined for us in Eph 1.



I love what that drummer is doing in the beginning. I also like that the lyrics are teaching as well as praise. Not many songs rise to this level. Thanks for sharing.

I love this song! I am going to look at us doing it sometime soon. Thanks for sharing it!!

Wow.  I like this too!

Great question.

So for us, the song we really like and I don't hear much about is: "How Deep The Father's Love For Us":

I don't know if it's old news for everyone else, but sure like it a lot.

My approach was similar in that I don't go to CCLI top 20 although we seem to find them anyhow. I've comb Rhapsody and YouTube for hours at a time, looking for something that is spiritually/theologically sound but also musically excellent. 

Care to share more from your binder?

' How deep the Father's love' is very well known in my neck of the woods. I would go so far and say it is one of the golden oldies now.


I love 'How we need the river' but never hear it done anywhere.

Yeah, we've been doing "How deep the father's love" for a long time.... it is good, though.

My friend Chris caught his young son scrippling on his copy of Songs of Fellowship.  He was cross, but  when he got the book off his son it was this song he was drawing all over.   Chris said he felt rather shamefull about his anger.  

Hi Stevo!

Awesome version of How Deep...  We actually used this arrangement last Sunday. I decided to embed it so people could see what you were talking about. In a lot of ways this is like a completely new song.

I like it!

The only songs we do that I know for sure no-one knows about are home-grown.... there are a few on my page here (possibly check out "Our hope is in the Lord" or "For the pride" ?)

Other than that, I like this song by David Woodman:

Trading My Sorrows : Darrell Evans

Never heard it played in a Church.  Though in Latvia(Christian English Speaking Camp)  in an jam sesson in a corridor I joined the Latvian worship team and we played it, and many people joined in. 


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