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At my church we are currently working on the development of our theology of worship.  In other words we are seeking to flesh out on paper what we believe the Bible has to tell us about the practice of worship.  For those of you who have already worked through this process I would love to see your work... That is if you don't mind sharing it.  It would be helpful to us to see what others have developed.


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I've often made this comparison in my head as well as Rock Concerts / Rock heros. It's a perfect analogy. In fact, I think modern music can become even more like ancient pagan worship at times. In extreme cases, there have been "worshippers" (groupies) having sexual relations with the "gods" through the "priests"(musicians) during the "worship" time (back stage during drum breaks or before and after shows). It's very much like the temple prostitution that went on in pagan systems. Some things never change - eh?

Check this link below:

This poster has been around for years. If you click on the image and look very carefully, you will see that the convergence of the light beams and band/stage forms a giant face that people are worshiping. This is extremely enlightening in many ways. First, the poster artist felt the need to create this image - as if it were real or perceived in his/her own mind. Second, it says that while they are watching someone play and sing, there is an underlying "deity" presiding over the "ceremony", not just the "priests" who are playing the music. 

If it wasn't so obvious, I would think I was overanalyzing. Maybe it was Bill Gothard who created this...

Mind you, I wouldn't apply this to every rock band.

I used to complain that drummers always seemed to need to play, even on the soft, quiet pieces.  I guess I can be glad that our drummer stays put, right there on the platform;)

Dude that poster is straight up freaky...

I know, right?

I would recoment reading a book called "Revolve" by nelsons Searcy & Jason Hatley. It will change your life!

Hi Timothy!

Thanks for the suggestion! What's the basic premis of the book?


Thank you for that detailed analysis. The ....... really cleared it up for me.

Oh sure...your most welcome. :-)

I just Googled "meaning of ...." and up came "Meaning of LIFE."  Apparently an ellipsis can contain any or all of life.

"recomend" I meant to say

On the subject of books - has anyone here read Paul Wilbur's "Order in the Courts?" It is a call to get rid of the chaos that sometimes passes for "praise and worship." He devoted a whole chapter to the use and misuse of tamborines.


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