What new (or older) songs are you planning on incorporating at your church in this new year? So many new worship projects come out all the time and I'm sure this year will be no different. Which songs are you getting ready to move from the queue into active rotation?

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We have a few which came into circulation towards the end of last year that I think will continue in this...

King of my Heart by Sarah/John Mcmillan 


Come Thou Fount (a little rewrite of mine from a few years back) 


Known For Your Presence (one of mine)


Maybe it's because of the Christmas period and all the work that's involved both at home and at work but I feel in a bit of a worship stupor at this present time and have no sense of real direction...but it has always been a dream of mine to do old, well know hymns that have stood the test of time in a new way with a different feel. Mind you, not sure how they would be received!!

Christmas has been over for two weeks! How much of a break do you need?! hahaha :)

I don't recall mentioning anything about a break : ) : ) Haha.

Since posting a couple of hours ago it has come about that I will be doing a some regular worship in school for children aged five to nine or a bit older.  This is new to me so will have to think about suitable songs for that age group.  Any ideas will be welcome, I'm thinking short and repetitive to begin with but definitely not oldies.

Well, if it helps anybody out, I just did some youtubing and came up with a list of things (I think they're all fairly recent worship songs) to try out...  these are my notes from listening to the first minute or so of each song, these are the ones that I'm going to try to work up and see how they go with our band, which is kinda country-rock sounding... the term "squishy" refers to lyrics that are maybe a little too, umm, "fundamentalist" for our (Methodist) congregation.  The weird text string for each song is the youtube video that I listened to

  1. Zach Williams - Old Church Choir - yOEviTLJOqo - upbeat, not a bad song, though I kinda dislike the "choir" theme...
  2. Micah Taylor - Different - xUT4trsrBCw - squishy spoken intro, moderate tempo, this is a possibility, kinda country-ish, nice lyric, goes pretty high in the chorus
  3. Jeremy Camp - Word of Life - wrX2tGgADu0 - upbeat, Eastery - theme - we'd have to make the arrangement our own...
  4. Rend Collective - Rescuer - sAg7rn7fH3Q - moderate tempo, Irish sound, rhythm is a little tricky, but this could work
  5. Tauren Wells - Whne We Pray - 9YZZzgJB33E - a little hip hop,but we would make it our own... and our pastor likes "prayer" stuff...
  6. Matt Maher - Your Love Defends Me - jwpsDJOyl0o - moderate, lyrics aren't grabbing me... well, getting more interested as it moves on...
  7. Ryan Stevenson - The Gospel - NTdFEZhjiko - moderate - a bit squishy, but nice lyric writing - may be a bit too much range?
  8. Brandon Heath - Whole Heart - 5z0vViy0uLU - upbeat, I like the lyrics if it's singable for us...
  9. Casting Crowns - Oh My Soul - DjNZf878ISQ - 3/4 - maybe not "cast" for congregational singing, but I know we have some CC fans in the band...
  10. Bebo Norman - Cover Me - g1pgqOvLKh4 - moderate / slow, nice lyric, a couple male pronouns to "fix"
  11. Bebo Norman - A Million Raindrops - fGp9mR6QR_4 - moderate, it would be one of our "slow" songs - maybe, let's give it a try
  12. Bebo Norman - Walk Down this Mountain - X1eheUw20jc - I like the song, it's not blatantly Christian, it's more of a David Wilcox kinda song... might make an interesting "outro" song
  13. Bebo Norman - Ruins - aZTGq85OXRQ - moderate, not sure if this would adapt to our band, not sure if it would need to be a bit more "religious"
  14. MercyMe - Bring This Rain - e8HgAVenbUU - moderate, this would work for us, singable and sufficiently blatantly "Christian"

I "discovered" Bebo Norman when looking for a Christmas song to do as an offering special and so I went looking at a bunch of his stuff.

Your mileage may vary, but I've arrived at that point in time where we've got a rehearsal tonight and I need to bring some new things for the band to try out.

Some stuff we're carrying over from the past, recent or otherwise: I Am, King of Heaven, Awesome God (Vicky Beeching), Created, Our God, Open the Eyes of My Heart; Our Father (Don Moen, I think), Good Good Father, Word of God Speak, How Great Is Our God, Here I Am To Worship, Oceans, Recreate Me (Maureen Pranghofer, don't know if this is "in circulation" or not).  I Will Trust In You.  Four or five originals. We Bid You Goodnight is an old hymn / Grateful Dead song we do whenever somebody from our congregation passes away, with a short slide show.  At Christmas time, we do just the chorus from Jesus Messiah after they light the advent candles.

Goal is to start out the year with a repertoire of about 30 songs, so only five or six of the ones in my list above will be added at the start of the year, but things will be added as we have special themes, holidays, etc. and we'll probably end up the year with 45-50 songs in the repertoire, so some of the ones above may get added later.

Your mileage may vary, but if you see some things in the list above that you know you like, you might wanna check out some of the others.  I'm just trying to get myself motivated to have some stuff ready for tonight :-)


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