An opportunity has presented itself and i've got the chance to interview Martin Smith. I'm going to ask him questions from members of Worship The Rock and He Must Increase so I need your help.

What question(s) would you like to ask Martin Smith from Delirious?

Perhaps you have a question about one of the following areas:

- Songwriting
- Leading worship
- Playing in a popular band and staying humble
- His plans now that Delirious? are on their last tour
- Highlights from the last 10 years

Or anything else?!

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I have 2 things:

1. Thanks so much for your years of faithful service to the Father and the body of Christ. I was just thanking God for you as I listened to one of your songs in the car (Jamie - Worship Leader from Gainesville, FL).
2. How do you remain focused in a culture that seems to be more and more starstruck with those who have artistic giftings like yours?
1. Why didn't "King or Cripple" make it onto the "History Makers" record? What an awesome song!!!
Not the most spiritual question, but I would like to ask him what his musical influences were. Both Christian and non-Christian, if applicable.

Secondly, did he find it limiting that Deliriou5? was signed to a Christian label? Does he have any thoughts on the Christian Music industry and where it's heading. The current trend seems to be towards "Church--Worship-Teams", like Hillsongs United albums. Linked to that question, is the market now for "worship music" vs. "christian recorded music"? Songs on CDs today are quickly incorporated into song rotations. They seem to be made so they are 'singable' and personal, vs. more works of art that are mean to be consumed vs. participated in. (Maybe like Chris Tomlin - Worship leader vs. Mark Schultz - Christian Performer.) I hope that was clear enough.

Lastly, it seems like both he and Matt Redman have a great working relationship, even recording each others songs. Can he explain how their relationship works and whether it's made him a better worship leader/christian artist? That can be expanded to Delirou5? and maybe the soul survivor church in general (include Mike Pilivachi).

I'd like to know what artists HE listens to.

I'd like to ask him to cut his hair. :-)
The Happy Song is fantastic. ( I love Matt Redman's version of it.) Maybe he could explain the story behind it.
So Phil, did you actually get a chance to talk to Martin Smith?

Hi Wayne,

In the end it was more on an email "interview". I'm still waiting for the response to the questions I sent over. I'll post a link to the answers on here once i've got it back.




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