For me it is You Won't Relent - Misty Edwards & Jesus Culture

What's yours?

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Agreed about "Let God Arise." Congregation really likes that, moreso than "Sing, Sing, Sing."

"Today Is The Day" by Lincoln Brewster is another one that seems to really be flying well. I think its parallel to the childhood song helps w/ familiarity, plus the upbeat nature.
The song i just cant stop using is " Give and it will come back to you."
I need a new offering song badly (SMILE)
I love that song, I sing it to myself sometimes!
I love More Love, More Power. It is so simple, yet so powerful. You don't have to worry about memorizing loads of words or chords, so can totally abandon yourself to the Lord while singing it.
Who is it by, Lorraine?
Hi Luke, it's by Jude del Hierro Mercy/Vineyard - it's quite an oldie. You'll catch it on YouTube, loads of different versions, some really slow and gentle, others heavy rock, rap etc. There's a remix version on there that I love......with effective guitar playing.....God Bless Lorraine
I have 4 favorites (some are oldies but goodies)

Every Knee Shall Bow/Can't Stop Praising His Name
Shake the Foundation (Joe Pace?)
I Feel The Joy (Mark Condon)
Whose Report
I don't think I've heard these, thanks though!
Augh! I LOOOOVE Whose Report!!
My favorite P&W song is "I Will Rise Up" by Paul Baloche. I've been doing it since 2001 and have never dropped it. I did drop most of the old P&W stuff we did for years and started playing a lot more Christian radio hits. When a song's a hit and it moves me, we do it. Current faves are a lot of Chris Tomlin (How Great Is Our God, God of This City, Jesus Messiah, Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone, I Will Rise), David Crowder (You Never Let Go), Casting Crowns (Does Anybody Hear Her, If We Are the Body, Who Am I), Matthew West (Only Grace), Third Day (Creed, Tunnel, Take From Me My Life, Sing a Song, Born Again) and Tenth Avenue North (By Your Side, Love Is Here). We are all big fans of downhere, who visited us twice in 2003. We still play some of their great songs (Protest to Praise, Great Are You, How Many Kings, Bleed For This Love, A Better Way).
Take from me My Life....that is cool.
It's great that you are al sharing these songs. I haven't heard many of them. I looked up Surrender by Lincoln Brewster and still have teary eyes. What a powerful song about commitment.
Hosanna by Paul Baloche also What Can I Do by the same. Keep em' comin' folks...this guy has been having a hard time getting some new stuff that fits our corporate demographics so it's a blessing that you all are sharing.
Have you tried any Hillsong stuff?


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