I'm posting this to get a feel out there for the other tastes that one may achieve through different tunings. I've mainly only played in standard, but I'm starting to play in DADGAD more and more. But with DADGAD, I'm not sure if you can really play any other keys besides D (without a capo) very effectively. Any tips here? I've also experimented with drop D (being an electric guitarist), but I've preferred DADGAD over this since you can still use the same drop D power chords but also have the beautiful open chords.

And I've also tried a little bit with a tuning that I've seen nicknamed "drop A". It doesn't mean dropping the seventh string of a seven string from B to A; it is done by dropping the second highest string - the B string - down to the A. Steven Curtis Chapman uses this tuning to get a really nice, Irish droning style sound for his song "Remembering You" off the Inspired by Narnia CD in the key of A. I've also found that it works well for playing in C.

Oh, and I've also messed around with using a spider partial capo to achieve some of these sounds. I would try more tunings more often but I only have one acoustic and one electric right now. I really wish I had two of each at least.

What are some other good tunings out there that you all use?

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