So, have you worship leaders resolved to do anything different in worship this new year. I know we make personal resolutions. Do you have any corporate ones as a leader?

Mine is odd (but hopefully biblical). In 2010, I want to encourage more worshipers to bring lament into their worship language:


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My personal worship resolution is to learn 12 new worship songs in 2010. That works out to be about 1 a month. By learn I mean that I will have memorized the chords and the lyrics. I will also be able to use the song effectively when leading worship, which also means I have to know what songs can link to and from the song I am learning.

May not sound like a big resolution for many people, but it is for me. :)
I've resolved to thank God every time I pick up my instruments for the gift of music, the privilege of praising him through the gifts He's given (even though He doesn't need me too), for blessing me with the opportunity to lead His children in worship, and for even just blessing me with the instruments and gear I have.

In the past, I've focused to heavily on making sure I play well, and I've had the audacity of considering myself to be a crucial element in our worship! How egotistical and stupid of me! God doesn't need me, but He wants me! I chose to keep this in the front of my mind as I worship God through my playing and singing, and I believe God will allow me to do better than I've ever done before when I shift my focus in the right direction.

I'm no rock star! :)


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