I have been with a certain church for almost ten years. I have been the Praise and Worship Leader for over a year. It is a small church with an average attendance of 20-30 people a week. We used to have 100-150 people. That church just hasn't grown and actually has shrunk. I haved served and lead in several ministries. I took over Praise and Worship when the last leader left with, no notice. I have only been playing guitar for about 2 years. I took over without experience, with a social phobic background, but a love for God and a desire to serve where needed. I am mediocre at best musically speaking, but I have a heart for worshipping the Lord. I am tired, in over my head and overwhelmed. I have filled the postion, but no one has stepped forward to take my place. We have a very talented drummer and two talented guitarists/vocalists who say they are not ready to lead. But I think I am ready to leave. I am not growing spiritually anymore and I need to. Any advice??????

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I've learned that if a vacancy happens, God will always fill it! Just do what you have to do honestly before the Lord...check your motives for leaving, and do what God would have you do!
It sounds to me like you're in the perfect position for God to use you right where you are. God has never allowed me to leave anywhere when it was tough (maybe it's just me) but as soon as things started going smoothly, that's when I was released.

If I am to bring the congregation to a spiritually receptive mindset through the Praise and Worship, but the Lord knows that my heart is feeling as it is. It will be inneffective, for you cannot hide your heart for long. It will come through advertantly or inadvertantly. This makes my worship hollow and almost deceiptful in my opinion. In the military we had sayings like,"Fake it 'til you make it" or "False motivation is better than no motivation at all". It no longer applies to my life and my walk with the Lord. So, am I really doing anyone a favor by staying on??????
True - you certainly do not want to be doing anything God has not called you to do. I'm curious to know what your pastor thinks of your situation. You HAVE talked to him about it, right?

1) What does the church's leadership look like? I mean, if you're losing congregants like that, there ought to be some cause for concern. Is it the summer hustle-'n-bustle that people are just away? Or is there something that's happened within the church leadership that has led to this shrinking?

2) You sound burned out. You probably aren't getting any weeks off because of the size of your praise team. Add to that the despair you're feeling over the church losing numbers, and it will make any worship leader start to question their calling and/or effectiveness.

My suggestion is a lot of prayer, and perhaps a little research into why the church has lost attendees. Ask God to show if you are called to be the leader there, whether for Praise Team or other ministry.
I've been blessed to serve in music ministry for more than 30 years, and I have been where you are. It sounds like you absolutely have a heart for ministry. You're concerned about your church and would like to see it succeed. You also want to know what you should do. I would suggest really seeking God for His direction. He is a loving Father who has a wonderful plan for you and He will make it plain. He doesn't play "hide and seek" with His children.
You mentioned feeling tired and overwhelmed. Believe me, I've "been there & done that". Ministry can be very rewarding, but also draining. I know now that I need to take rest periods from time to time. Take time to get alone with God and get renewed. It is often during those times that He gives me fresh direction. During my recent time of rest, I wrote a book that will be published next month.
I have also had to walk away from a position and that's not easy. But God gave me His peace and the courage to move on. I have learned the truth of Philippians 4:6-7.
You know Gerald, I too felt way under qualified when I began as worship leader. Friends and acquaintances I play with all encouraged me to go for it. Talent is not the most important thing - especially when you have talent behind you - it's your heart that matters most. If you worship God and present the music to the congregation for them to join you in worship God will stir within the hearts of those open to Him and they too will worship. Use the muscians as instrumentalists and you lead with vocals. Pray hard before leaving.
AMEN!!! Well said!!
Hi Gerald

Just truly pray about it and ask the Lord to lead you to a place where your gifts will be used to bring Him glory and where you will be fed and will be able to grow into who He wants you to be. When I felt the Lord calling me out of my old church, Which I had been there for 37 years, our family started visiting other churches and after about 3 mos, we truly felt God leading us to the church we are in now. The Lord had us go to this church for a reason....He had a plan for me...little did I know that He wanted to take someone who was timid and shy and turn me into a worship leader. PRAISE THE LORD! But....I do get tired and worn out. So, I talked to my pastor and decided a couple years ago that I was going to take 4-6 weeks off from leading worship so that I could be refreshed. It truly was a great idea. By the time my mini "sabatical" is over, I am ready to get back up and have more energy and excitement.
If is more of you not getting what you need from the teaching, then something you need to pray and ask God to seek out a new church were you will grow....but don't move unless you truly feel the Lord leading you. Never leave because for your emotions!!!!! You just might need a break.
I will pray for you cause I know what you are going through. I am feeling like God is calling me out of my church, but am waiting for the Lord to show me where He wants me to be. ***Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding!**** God will never put us in a place where He will not use us if we are truly seeking Him.
Wow, man I know exactly how you feel! (literally the exact same thing happened to me).

First I'd say slow down! For a little while forget about all the issues going on in the church (size, people not stepping up etc.) Look at what you and your relationship with God is. *Warning don't get bogged down in retrospection it won't help,* just ask yourself what you are called to do. Maybe you still feel like you're supposed to be there, even though it's painful, difficult and draining; that's someplace to start. Next is to figure out what you can fix. Musical technicality is something you can work on--people on the other hand... Remember as much as we want worship sound good it really is secondary.

If you decide you shouldn't or can;t continue let God figure out who will replace you. It's unreasonable to expect anything more then to work under the grace God gives you to serve.
If you decide to hang on don't be too discouraged. Leading worship is discouraging at times but at the end of the day things will happen out of your control. Your ability to worship God is really the only thing you control, whether on a stage with a guitar, or some place else.
I hope this helps.
God bless,
Start transitioning by having members of your group vocally lead 1 or 2 songs per set. Then have them try selecting songs for a Sunday, with your approval. Give them tips on introducing songs and facilitating worship.

IMO part of being a Worship Leader is discipling/pastoring the people on your team. This may include prayer and short Bible Studies, as well as musical and spiritual coaching. I know it's a small church, but as much as possible we should all be training our replacements.

All too many leaders focus on their position, authority, etc. without remembering the Servant aspect of leadership.
Strongly agree with you bet nich.
Gerald, if those younger musicians say they aren't ready, then you've got to start equipping them by sharing the things you've learned over the year of leading you've done.



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