I am sharing this vision i had as i believe it is relevant to what the LORD JESUS is about to do upon the earth,One day while i was meditating on the LORD, I had the impression of the old testament,settings on my mind on how they would start at the outer court entering into the inner court, and finally ,the high priest only would be allowed,into the Holiest place to do the sacrifices.Now i know this is not the case anymore,as JESUS, has made it possible for us all to enter in to the HOLY of HOLY S.In my vision i saw the congregation of peoples already in an atmosphere of praise as they were entering into the place of meeting,and what an awesome site,as they in jubilation entered to bring songs hymns, spiritual songs unto the KING,with tambourines,and their voices declaring the praises of our GOD.After 20 years being in the music ministry,i kind of have been feeling, that as i look across the congregation,and see many people still in the outer court,even Christians that have been serving the LORD for years,and i say LORD consume your people,with the fire of your spirit,starting with me,How do you fellow musicians,see this and have you had the same kind of feelings,where we need to drum up the atmosphere,in order to enter in ,and how many people understand,the meaning and have a revelation,of what CHRIST has done,where the programs,become less,and the freedom of HIS HOLY SPIRIT,fills the atmosphere,where we can truly say the LORD is here,where we can really just be over whelmed in HIS presence,Is this maybe to over board from the way we do things traditionally,are we expectant of more of HIS GLORY,That we may decrease,and HE INCREASE.

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We had a Pastor friend preach yesterday in church abou worship. He preached from an old testament view of how the people stood in line with their offering (lamb). No one would dare bring a crippled offering but sometimes that is what we bring before God Almighty, a crippled, blemished offering. It was a good analogy that I think many of the people caught. Just things like coming in late during the worship service is an indication of your perspective of worship. Worship has to be taught also just like any other doctrine. The more we understand, the more we can give or ourselves in that particualr area.
VERY well said by your Pastor friend,i sometimes think people don't realise how serious this is, and you right about being taught about what it means to worship the LORD,and i am glad that the topic he spoke about ties in with this,You received a good word ,and thanks for reply.
You are BLESSED, Luis


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