I have bought a number of worship cds mostly the original artist ones Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Paul Oakley, Phatfish, Lex Buckley, Hillsong etc.


However, I do like people who write songs that challenge or look at issues in a different way.

But over the years the Christian bands and artists I enjoy listening too have stopped producing new stuff.  I miss:

The  Smalltown Poets, eLi, Quench, One Hundred Hours, Andy Flannagan, etc.

 (If any of you know eLi please say tell him that God really challenged me through his songs.)


I'm listening to The Rocket Summer and Relient K (my daughter introduce me to these)  I would recommend seeing the first in concert.  Relient K  have not been to the UK yet (Kate would love to see them live).

For me UnderOath, Pillar  and POD are OK at the right time and in small doses.


I don't find a connection to the breathy sort of worship covers or gospel choirs on the Christian radio I tried listening too.  It's a culture thing,  my dad's record collection was Gene Vincent, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Stones (some Country and Western)  and later included new wave such as Ian Drury


Who do you listen too?  Who do you recommend?



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Most of the names you noted are people whose music I know and enjoy.  I don't know about Hubert Sumlin though.

My dad's country records included Chet Atkins and I remember a number by "Mick and Giff" (I may not have this correct).  The last country album I remember him buying was Don Williams.   


I've recently been listening to some Johnny Cash and Brian Setzer.   

Hi Vic 


I really like Audacious band for their go-for-it attitude, though the lyrics are somewhat lacking in theological depth. Not exactly a new band, but quite different to Hillsongs etc and British too.


An old friend of mine - Marc B Chapman has a new CD coming out in September, that will (I think) be about worship. Marc is quite a lively chap, and not just a guitarist - he and another friend used to improvise trumpet harmonies, and were also part of a pipe band (as in bagpipes).


Thanks Toni

Had a listen to Audacious Band  on youtube and will listen to a bit more.  They have a bit of oomph!


Marc B Chapman listened to the stuff on the web site and I can hear that he's talented.  I'd like to hear him live.  I'm not sure that I would listen to the recordings much if I brought them.  Not raw enough for me.    However, anyone else reading this go and listen it's good stuff.

Marc is a nice guy, but he is in love with his acoustic guitar.



I actually love acoustic guitars particularly when played stridently (is that spelt right?).  Let that bass string rattle against the frets.
I know that was a humurous comment, but it's very very important advice to appropriate!
So you consider the SG to be mid rangey and the JTM to be bassy? I thought it was the other way around. I've often felt that JTM's are on the jangly/midrange heavy side and that SGs and other Gibson humbucker guitars to be very bass oriented.

Great discussion  about guitars

<sidetrack> I would like a Thinline with a Blues Junior Amp Jangly&Crunchy </sidetrack>


Any other current artists (with a Christian world view) worth exploring?  


I would really like to hear the song  "So, if you're so concerned about me, why has no one from your church ever knocked on MY door?",  sung in so many congregations

That would be a challenge to our complacancy.


If you remember the song please make a demo.

If you can't remember the song can I use the idea?

I wrote the song "Black Clouds"  that we mostly open with,  when I had depression.  I wrote it in secret and destroyed it.   Then ten years later, when we started Gracious G,  the whole thing came back to me.     

Hi Vic,

I know he's not rock and roll but check out Danny Cope (Album: Colour me in).

Great lyrics to great songs and with a great voice, I understand Danny, once a local Romford lad, played Bass guitar with Dave Bilborough and now lectures in music, writing and production, at Leeds Uni.




My favorite Christian Artists to listen to of late is almost anything Jesus Culture. Our church loves to sing them and our band can really do them justice. What's really great about their music is most of their arrangements are basically 4 chords. The other thing I love is most of the songs are so powerful in content and lyrics they nearly touch the throne of God as they are sung. We find the same thing happens when we do them. Other Artists I like are of course, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, Lincoln Brewster, Gateway, Kari Jobe & my all time fav... Paul Baloche.

My quick list of great Christian artists with music usable in a worship setting:


Kari Jobe

Matthew West

Shaun Groves

Phil Wickham

Laura Story

JJ Heller

Aaron Shust



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