I have bought a number of worship cds mostly the original artist ones Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Paul Oakley, Phatfish, Lex Buckley, Hillsong etc.


However, I do like people who write songs that challenge or look at issues in a different way.

But over the years the Christian bands and artists I enjoy listening too have stopped producing new stuff.  I miss:

The  Smalltown Poets, eLi, Quench, One Hundred Hours, Andy Flannagan, etc.

 (If any of you know eLi please say tell him that God really challenged me through his songs.)


I'm listening to The Rocket Summer and Relient K (my daughter introduce me to these)  I would recommend seeing the first in concert.  Relient K  have not been to the UK yet (Kate would love to see them live).

For me UnderOath, Pillar  and POD are OK at the right time and in small doses.


I don't find a connection to the breathy sort of worship covers or gospel choirs on the Christian radio I tried listening too.  It's a culture thing,  my dad's record collection was Gene Vincent, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Stones (some Country and Western)  and later included new wave such as Ian Drury


Who do you listen too?  Who do you recommend?



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A lot of the trendy ones I'm not a big fan of.  They'll have one good song out of 20, you know.  Baloche is cool, some others... Robin Mark is my favorite by leaps and bounds, though.
Love Robin Mark!

I don't know if this one is new, but she's new to me:


Kelanie Gloeckler


She has a fresh approach that doesn't sound too heavily molded by the current stream of CCM. I don't think all of her songs are great for congregational singing and she can get repetitive - which is part of the community she worships with - but she certainly is worth checking out.

How about Burlap to Cashmere? They're at least new to me.

Listened to three different songs on youtube.  Like the way they use different styles including country and latin. 

I will listen to more.

If you like local talent, theres some awesome new music coming out of San Diego lately...




www.evanwickham.com (yes he is Phil's brother)



And theres also this girl from San Diego www.dianeluna.com (winkwink) has some good older music and some new stuff coming up :)



Will Reagan and the United Pursuit Band is really REALLY good... Theyre all about Ushering Jesus into the room. 

Check out their songs, Set a fire and Fill Me Up.. 

I'm very slow in working my way through listening to these people. We've been busy moving our daughters to University.  

So far the majority are worship which is great.  What about the prophetic and/or challenging songs and the use of  different styles.

One of my daughters gave me a CD to listen to, it was Charlie Simpsons (he of teenage pop/rock sensation Busted)  latest CD it's petty good.


I've still got a lot to listen too though!

The Jesus Culture I've heard so far are very good.

On the ladies there are so many excellent worship leaders but is there any one who sounds unique

I wish people like Christine Collister would write a Christian Album.

Here she is singing Amazing Grace.


Another vote for Jesus Culture, really seem to say what is in my heart.  Some one new and lesser known is Comfort Manyame , his album Draw Me Near has some good worship and lively praise.  Another place that seems to pop out some amazing songs though you have to be picky, light rock with a bit of Afro blend, is Celebration Music in Zimbabwe.  Their album Change the World was their best.



Thanks for the responses.  I've heard some lovely music and a couple of artist that I'll listen too more.  

As for my original question of what I've listened to so far Stevo met the brief with "Burlap to Cashmere?"


I'm looking for artist that sing songs about Christian life rather than worship songs

such as

Eli: The Hypocrites Song


Quench: Bring the Summer in


Smalltown Poets: Firefly


Andy Flannagan: Open Arms  (the sounds a bit rough on this one)


Rocket Summer: Never Knew


Try some one like Bonnie Deuschle, her album Don't Give Up is more in this line of songs about Christian Life.  If you want to have the more critical view you can try Neon Bible.


you can google both


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