It's little use raising our hands and getting on "a high" if our musical worship doesn't affect our daily lives. So what song or line has impacted you most this year . . . and why? I'm restricting it to just 2009 for now.

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The scripture impacts me and makes me think of a song. My pastor has been talking with his music director about the need for songs that influence men. Hearing about this made me wonder that if in my home church or even in many American churches if we had the idea that worship is somehow only for the emotionally sensitive. That's not what I see in the Bible. The song that has been impacting me lately is called Marching And Moving from Carman's High Praise volume 2. It's older and the only place I have been able to find it is on amazon. I posted an article on my blog about this.
..this year (it's only early May!..) I would say "You Made A Way" by Matt Gilman of IHOP Kansas City has really put me over the top on a number of occasions. (last year it's an easy call to say it was "Revelation Song")
Matt Gilman -- now you're talking! What a remarkable talent. I love his version of Let It Rain too.
Last year's it would have to have been "Moving Forward" by Ricardo Sanchez and Israel Houghton, first released on the "Moving Forward" album by Jentezen Franklin's church where Ricardo leads worship. This year it would be "I Will Rise" by Tomlin and his buddies who collaborated with thim. The thing that blew me away is when I decided to learn the song "I Will Rise", I decided to transpose it to the key of "A" instead of "B" and realized that the chords were the exact same progression as my song "Faithful God" that I wrote back in 2006. No wonder I liked that song so much. And then, as a songwriter, my newest songs always seem to impact me for a while after I've written them. Since I'm in the finishing stages of a solo project, I've had a good year.
How He Loves - the eloquence and imagery of the second verse or bridge (depending on what you call it) makes your carnal mind look at heavenly ideas in a new way
"...grace in his eyes. If grace is an ocean, we're all sinking."
"Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss."

I Just Wanna Say by Israel Houghton - I heard this song at Winterfest in Knoxville, TN this past March live, It is just makes you want get out of your car and just dance.
Listening to How He Loves on Youtube led me to You Won't Relent. Both Kim Walker's and Misty Edwards' versions are powerful and reminded me that our God is a jealous God and will allow no rivals:
"There is a love that is as strong as death
jealousy demanding as the grave."
Who can match His passion for each one of us?
This song has made a big impact on my private worship this week.
Matt Gilman & Cory Asbury - Holy.

This is the only snippet I can find online.
It is on their album, and it's THE most anointed song I've EVER heard.

You'll find a version with slightly better sound at
recorded in Las Vegas.
I can't narrow this down to I'll list a few:

1. Overcome - New Life Worship (Desperation Band) - After hearing the story of what New Life Church has gone through in the last two years, then to hear this song, it's pretty hard for me not to be moved by this. The bridge - "we shall overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony" - makes me personally think of my church - small, turbulent, yet holding on.

2. Beautiful The Blood - Fee - Powerful, cross-centered worship...always great

3. Come Thou Fount - Jadon Lavik - I'd never actually heard this hymn...I like the reworking of it and the lyrics are unbelievable (we sing all 5 verses).

I could think of more, but there's the 2009 restriction... :)
Psalm 62 by Aaron Keys (Youtube it)


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