Just wondering if any of you can recommend which worship songs flow well together? Are there some songs which you nearly always do back to back due to the lyrics, key, tempo or something else?

Any tips for praise and worship songs which flow / blend / merge would be most welcome!

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we have been doing "All He Says I am" by Gateway follwed by "Break Every Chain"  Same Key "A".  I did this mainly because the "bridge" part of All He Says..... "chains are broken, the scales are on the floor".....then it goes into "there is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain". 

Great topic! Can't wait to see the responses!

We're using these 3 this coming Sunday and I think they flow well:

All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (Diadem) / Your Name / Jesus Name Above all Names

Great idea for a topic.  It will be great to see what others are using so I can steal........er....use them!  ;-)

Great topic! Yesterday we did a similar list of Name songs:

At Your Name (Phil Wickham)

Blessed Be Your Name (Tree63)

Your Name (Paul Baloche)

This required some creative transitioning on the piano to make them flow, but I like the consistent theme.

GREAT IS THE LORD (A) into the chorus of THE SPLENDOUR OF THE KING (A) singing it through and then going into the chorus of O LORD MY GOD (THEN SINGS MY SOUL) (A) works quite well.

"Every move I make" (David Crowder) + "Everyday" (Hillsong) is one of my youth group's favorite combos, even to this very day

I *LOVE* this part of worship leading ... or even being part of soaking worship where this is done.  Here are several song sets we have done, often several times (with a song or two dropped).


VISION - You Are My Vision [Rend Collective] >>> Open The Eyes Of My Heart [Baloche] >>> Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus >>> Light Of Your Face [Misty Edwards] >>> O Lord, You're Beautiful [Keith Green]


THRONE ROOM - Omnipotent You Reign [Justin Rizzo] >>> Holy, Holy, Holy >>> Revelation Song [Gateway] >>> I Exalt Thee [Sanchez] >>> The Doxology


LUKE 4:18 - Break Every Chain [Will Regan & UPB] >>> Freedom Reigns [Jesus Culture] >>> How Great Is Our God [Tomlin] >>> Jesus, You Reign [Will Rayburn]


CONSECRATION - From The Inside Out [Hillsong] >>> I Give Myself Away [William McDowell] >>> Here I Am To Worship [Hughes] >>>Create In Me A Clean Heart [Keith Green]


STIR UP THE FLAME - How He Loves [J.M. McMillan] >>> As The Deer [Nystrom] >>> Soul Cry [Misty Edwards] >>> Set A Fire [Will Regan & UPB] >>> Take Your Place [Jon Thurlow] >>> I Love Your Presence [Vinyard]


MAJESTY - How Great Thou Art >>> God Of Wonders >>> 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) >>> At Your Name [Hughes/Wickham] >>> Majesty [Delirious?] or [Hayford]


HOUND OF HEAVEN - Faithful to The End [Cory Asbury] >>> I Could Run Away [Enter the Worship Circle] >>> Jesus, Lover of My Soul [Hillsong] >>> Jesus, Holy & Anointed One [Passion] >>> King of Kings [CeCe Winnans]


JESUS' ATONING WORK - In Christ Alone [Townend] >>> You Bled [Rend Collective] >>> Jesus, Messiah [Tomlin] >>> Oh Glorious Day [Casting Crowns]


ETERNAL SECURITY - It Is Well With My Soul >>> I Will Rise [Tomlin]


ASSURANCE - Blessed Assurance >>> One Thing Remains [Jesus Culture/Bethel] >>> I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever [Delirious?]

We do have some songs that are "transitionally compatible", as well,  but I would like to clarify:..  for us, it's also dependent on the key, due to the capabilities of the person singing "lead'. as there *are* songs that transition well together, but if the melody goes too high, or too low, for an individual singer (we have 3 people in our worship band who lead, with different vocal abilities)...that can lead to problems. So that is a consideration for us when planning for a "transitional" kind of song set list.  That being said:..."Our God" (Chris Tomlin)  --into-- "Your Love Never Fails" (Jesus Culture).... / "Great Are You, Lord" -into-" Reaching For you" (Lincoln Brewster)... / "Glorious Day" (Casting Crowns) -into- I Give You my Heart (Hillsong).............are a few...

Kristian Stanfill 's "Always" goes right into his song "Day After Day" very nicely, and I've even reprised with the chorus of "Always." 

Whenever I do Matt Redman's "Nothing but the Blood," I like to insert the chorus of "O the Blood" (oh precious is the flow... and so on) quietly once in my lower octave, then loudly once in my upper range, then back to Chorus 2 of "Nothing but the Blood."

When doing Charlie Hall's "All We Need," you can reprise the Chorus slowly and then use the chorus of "I Need Thee Every Hour," slowly and freely, to transition into a slower portion of the worship service.

At Christmas time, the chorus of "O Come All Ye Faithful" works nicely after "Revelation Song."

Paul Baloche's "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" follows nicely after MercyMe's "The Love of God."

Hi Phil. How about :
1) Take my life and let it be
2) Let's forget about ourselves and concentrate on Him....
3) Facedown which flows into
4) Deep calls to deep
The first 2 I play in G on capo 3 = Bb. And the last 2 I play in C on capo 3 = Eb.
By leaving capo on 3 for the whole set makes for smoother transitions and guitar will stay in tune better.
God bless

Wow! this is really good! I have a medley set that I have put together. Enjoy!






  Beauty, beauty, beautiful,


  Glory, glory, glorious,


  You are...


  You are...


Take me into Your throne room

Let me see Your beauty

Let me see Your face


  Bm                            G

Jesus, You're the most excellent,

                  D                              A

You are so beautiful... There is no one like You


  POUR MY LOVE ON YOU - Misty Edwards              

Like oil upon Your feet               
Like wine for You to drink            
Like water from my heart         
I pour my love on You            
If praise is like perfume        
ll lavish mine on You         
Till every drop is gone         
A           D                  
ll pour my love on You        

I BREATHE YOU IN GOD [Bryan & Katie Torwalt


                    D                                Bm         G                             

I breathe You in God, cause You are thick all around me    

I breathe You in God, cause You are thick all around me   

              D                               Bm       G                                                    

You are Good God, For You are good to me                            

You are Good God, For You are good to me                         



When I donʼt understand Iʼll choose You                               

                            Bm                G                                                                  

When I donʼt understand I will choose You God                  

                                   D                  Bm             G               

When I donʼt understand I will choose to Love You God                       



You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of dust   

You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of us.   


ENDLESS OCEAN-Jonathan Helse

    You are endless ocean,      
A                      D
     a bottomless sea
    There’s no end to the
     affection,       You have
      for me

 SONG OF LOVEJaye Thomas
 Jesus You are fairer   

 G             Bm       A
 Than the sons of men



Have you ever seen another more  beautiful


Have you ever seen another more  lovely


Have you ever seen another more righteous


Have you ever seen another more holy 


D     G                    Bm        Asus

Holy One, You have won my heart            

                      D/F#      G

 I give You my affection


I give You my devotion


It all belongs to You

BURNING ONES[Jesus Culture]

G                             A

We are Your burning ones

Bm                              A

  We are consumed by You

G                        A

  We set our lives apart

Bm                             A

  We are consumed by You


G                                  A

So  let this love be like a fire


So let our lives be like a flame


Fill our souls with Your desire


Let our passion bring You fame

   Jesus Culture                

                      D      A                       Bm    G

Show me Your glory,   show me Your glory


CLOSER [Bethle Live]


D                     A

Pull me a little closer;


Take me a little deeper


I want to know Your heart


I want to know Your heart


‘Cause Your love is so much sweeter


Than anything I’ve tasted


I want to know Your heart


I want to know Your heart


G       D      A    Em





Since Easter's coming, I've got one to share - a hymn and a newer song.

Christ the Lord is risen today/Hallelujah, Jesus is alive (Ron Kenoly)

I think these two work especially well due to the inherent theme of the risen Christ, and also because the last and first word of each song respectively share the same word - Hallelujah. Both played in C key.


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