Once I worked for a church whose worship leader said "No minor songs". I don't think he even liked minor chords - probably thought them too depressing.


I admit it - I do have a prejudice against slower Minor songs (like 24 ELDERS). Too much like dirges, IMO.

Faster ones (and slower Spirituals like GO DOWN MOSES) I don't mind...

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Good question.  My dad (rest his soul) was of that mindset.  If it was not Southern Gospel or classic hymns then it was devil music. He usually explained it by saying that when someone truly comes to faith, even their music tastes are changed away from worldly influences.


My counter to that was this:  If God has a prefered style of music it would make sense it was what was common in Judea in the first century (so Jesus could listen to it growing up) That woud make it minor key and sung in Hebrew or Aramaic and probably NOT in our western scale. He had no counter for that argument but I am sure he tried to come up with one.

I've heard it claimed that this kind of minor key and "syncopated rhythm" WEREN'T in existence back than that it's just people trying to justify their "carnal" music. And the same people claim that wine and beer didn't have much/any alchohol back then. I usually counter by saying, "how did Noah get drunk"? They can't answer that either.

I have to stop, it winds me up.

Hey, it could be wois.  On another website the discussion is:  "Without instruments, there is no MUSIC!"

I challenged our worship band with the notion that in five years we will be out of a job unless we learn hip-hop.  They looked at me like I was from Mars.  Just wait...

Actually, I googled some hip-hop beats to see how awful it was -- words aside, most of what I heard was fascinating -- I had wondered where all the creative minds in music were hiding (they also know economics -- the really cheesy beats were all free; you have to pay to get the interesting ones, just like in the traditional world).

It often shocks me to the core, when some musicians, and some pretty good ones at that, don't actually hear a minor chord in a song. The times musicians work out their own chords, and I'm thinking 'You've got to be kidding, where's the minor chords'?  'What minor chords? I have learned with some 'male' musicians though, that it doesn't always go down well if it is pointed out to them.  It can be the other way round also, sometimes a minor chord is stuck in there when a major chord or a 7th is what is needed.  May sound trivial, but these finer points can make all the difference to the dynamics of a song. 

That's interesting. I often find myself getting rid of minor 7ths etc. in favor of minors, but only because they sound better in those contexts.

Music can get either muddied up with sevenths, ninths, and alterations of various sorts, and as pretty as those can be, it's sometimes refreshing to hear a triad, and almost soul-baring to play an entire song with triads.


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