I help with a group that sets up what you might call a non-denominational, inter-church monthly night of worship in London (affectionately called "London worship nights"). We love to try different things every week, and are always looking for new inspirational worship. Coming from different churches we already have a lot of Hillsong, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, United Pursuit and Jesus Culture in our bag of songs but I am looking for new songs preferably from lesser known groups that can inspire us and give us new ideas for worship.

So I would like to put out the question. Who have you recently discovered that inspires you? What new songs or ways of worship have been introduced to you that really knocked you down with their simple heartfelt worship?

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Recent discoveries? None.

But outside that list there's Audacious Band (from Manchester) and Parachute Band (Aus/NZ). 

BTW If that pic means what it appears to, congrats on getting married. :-)

Although I can't say these are "new" artists, they are not quite as well-known or "Top of the Pops" kinda thing, and have some very wondeful songwriting - not to mention worshipfulness:


1.   Don Poythress

2.  Carl Cartee

3.  The Katinas

4.  Robin Mark


God Bless!


Thanks, I'm listening to Fill Me Up and Wash Away by Don Poythress, really good songs, this guy has a very authentic and sincere heart of worship to the Lord!

ROBIN MARK rules!!

Do you think Robin Mark would agree with you?


no... he's a pretty humble guy.  i know him a little... actually have his cell #

The Steve Deal band


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