I added a very acoustic version of this song a while ago but here is a band demo we did. Apologies for the mix. The demo and mix is extremely rough and the vocals are not as loud as they should be. Up loud it is better heard but still you get the idea.

This song was a spontaneous song inspired as I watched my 4 year old daughter dance around the living room to her earthly fathers song. I thought wouldn't it be amazing to go back to the place where we can simply dance and sing in our fathers house "Wild & Free" just as she did.

This song is always a favourite at our church! Hoping to properly record it sometime soon. Recording is missing the violin which just makes t sound AMAZING!


If the link doesn't work below like last time you can here the demo at

Words & Music by Joshua Halls
CCLI #7059085

I will sing for you 
like a child in their fathers house
Wild & Free


So with my arms wide open
Let me praise be wild and free
Lord let my heart be spoken
Let it be


I will praise you in the morning light
Sing throughout the day into the night
I will praise you for your love and grace
That will always remain

VERSE 2 (After Bridge)

I will Dance for you 
like a child in their fathers house
Wild & Free

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Just realising for some reason the sound file is not working on this discussion. You can hear the version at

Let me know your thoughts. Cheers.

Thanks for sharing Josh! Nicely done. Definitely something that others should pick up and try in their churches.

My only "two cents" that I'd suggest would be an occasional SLIGHT progression change. As it sticks on the 4 - 1 - 5 - 6 pattern for both verse and chorus, maybe change it up a bit by alternating:

        C          G
I will sing for you 

         D          Em7
like a child in  their father's house
C    G                        D/F#     Em7
             Wild & Free

So walking down that base line G, F#, E so you end up with a 4 bar progression that repeats instead of just the 2 bar. Maybe even just do that in the chorus?? Just thinking (typing) out loud. Take it or leave it. :)

Nice song though man!

Thanks for your feedback Nathan. Very much approeciated. I will give this suggestion a go next time we do this song just to break it up a bit. Thanks again!


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