So the church I'm at is wired pretty funky....they use wireless mic's and only have the 3 prong plugins on the 1/4" instrument jacks at all.  They've been placing a non-wireless mic in front of the guitars.  So I'm thinking about using a wireless setup so that the acoustic guitar can be in the system better.  I'm looking at the Line 6 Relay G50 wireless instrument system,  however I am less than an amateur at this.  How does the receiver work in regards to connecting with the sound board?  And what would I have to do in order to use a wireless system with the Zoom A2 multieffects acoustic pedal and still be able to remain wireless to the sound booth?  Basically, I want to be able to use the effects pedal with my guitar and still be able to transmit wirelessly?


Hope that made sense....



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Just treat the wireless system as a cable of infinitely variable length: plug the guitar as normal into the effects unit, plug the transmitter into your effects pedal output and the output from the receiver into the appropriate channel in the desk, assuming that to be within range. Should be quite straight forward really. The only downside is that you'll be entirely dependent on hearing the effects through your stage monitor, and that might not be enough to enable you to recognise clearly what your instrument really sounds like.

Talk to the people who run the sound system at your church for a definitive answer but I suspect that what you want is not a wireless system but a DI box. That takes the signal from your guitar (since you mention an FX unit, I presume your guitar is of the electro-acoustic variety) and converts it into one that can be sent down a balanced cable (the three pin set up), allowing it to run the length of the church without losing quality.

Your signal chain in that set up would be:

guitar -> FX box -> DI box ---> mixer



thanks for the helfpul replies....never even thought of going the DI box route...thanks!


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