There is actually a big difference between worship and Christian entertainment. Both are good and praising our God. But there is a difference in it. We can't turn Christian entertainment into worship. Especially in these times, we notice that Christian entertainment had slowly creeping into the church and taking over worship. Worship had become entertainment to the believers. How can we stop this from happening? How can we make people realize about the true worship.

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I think I agree with you - but can you take a stab at defining worship vs. entertainment?

Worship, giving God the glory. God is the center of our praise. We praise Him for what He is and of His greatness.

Christian entertainment in these days starts to focus more on the people. Just getting the people excited of singing praise to God. Getting the chance to jump around and clap your hands. It is good to praise God. But if we focus more on our interest and on how we want to praise Him, we had become the center of worship.

Most people think that worship is only about singing. But the truth is, the most important part in worship is the word of God. Cause scripture told us to worship in truth also. So how to worship in truth? first of all what is the truth? Its the word of God. So, worship songs must be base on the scripture too. Many worship songs these days are just base on what God had done for us and how we stand for Him. It's good, it's not wrong. But it's not really worship. It's just christian entertainment. Worship must be on God's word.

We can praise God in Christian entertainment and there is nothing wrong in it. But it will be wrong if we try to turn into worship. And remember that God CARES the way we worship. Remember in the bible OT where God gives a certain instructions on how to worship in burning incense. And what did Aaron the high priest's sons did? They decided to try out a new way, their way of burning the incense. They have a good mean, they still wanna burning incense to worship God, but they are doing it their way. And what does God do? He burn them with fire!  God cares the way we worship and He want it to be the way He instructed us.

Good discussion. I hope others join in. It's a good perspective to consider.

Hi Brandon,


You make some very thought provoking points................there is alot of Christian entertainment about and I don't think we can ever stop it from happening, but I personally don't see it as true worship. Although we can never judge motives or another person's heart, it leaves me questioning if it may have started out as true worship and somewhere along the lines, the entertainment side of it took over.


I remember when I first started out I knew deep within my heart that I was entertaining and not worshipping, it wasn't my intention, but nonetheless, that was the truth of it. I remember being in the middle of a set when I became aware that I was worshipping and not just singing.


I am wondering, is there a difference between 'praise' and 'worship' or do the two automatically go together? In my own personal experience, I tend to think there is a difference.


Brandon, a genuine say  'God cares the way we worship and He want it to be the way He instructed us.' Could you expand upon 'the way God instructs us to worship'.


Thanking you.

Yes, we couldn't judge a people's heart whether they are worshiping or entertaining. That's why in here, the worship band plays a very important role too. They need to realize that they are bringing people inn to worship, praising and glorifying God. Sadly many bands i see now are just interested in putting up a great show, showing off skills and so on. They had become a distraction in worship. Rather than praising God, people will start looking at the band and listening to the band. This becomes entertainment. Worship is where everyone praises and glorify God. The band does not take the credits but God does. So, the band needs to be careful to not be a distraction or attraction in worship because God is the center of it all. 


I think in Worship there is praise. But in praise, there is not necessarily worship. When we worship God, of course we'll praise Him as part of worship. But remember that the base of worship is the word of God. But if we are just praising, we can be dancing and jumping and clapping. But it is not necessarily worship. This is my oppinion.


John 4:24 "God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth." God wants us to worship in Spirit. And this a thing that no other people can help you. You need to let God's spirit work in you and  just worship Him with all your heart. Sometimes this is scary for me, God's spirit will just overwhelmed you and you will just feel so unworthy being in His presence because he is just so holy.Worship in truth, what is truth? God is truth. His word is! Every word in the bible is the truth. So we need to make sure that our worship is base on the word and follow the instructions on the bible. That's why sometimes hymns are really the best. Because the lyrics are just so rich in scripture and its like a sermon in the song. We need to make sure the song we sing are theological right with the bible. 


Jesus said children are easier to enter the kingdom of heaven. Let's look at the area of worship. You see, when children sing praises and worship God. They sing it out to God. They know who is God and they know they are singing to Him. They don't think much or worry much. But we, we worry about the chords, the tempo, the songs. We want to play good and professionally. Well, those are important. But most of the time, we let those distract us from worshiping God. We think too much and worry too much. 


Most of all, worship, God is always in the center and it's all about Him and Him only.


I love what you have said about the children, how true this is. Yep, we do worry about chords etc. when leading people into worship. I guess I worry more about getting it wrong and causing disruption and distraction from God, than I do about getting it perfect.  In my opinion, there are different levels of worship, and if I am honest it is not very often that I get into a deep level of worship when I am leading, like you say, too many worries. When it's just me and God though that's a different matter, wow, the level of worship.........I get what you are saying about it being scary when the Holy Spirit overwhelmes you.


I don't fret about not being able to worship fully when leading worship as much as I used to, as I see my role as serving God and helping others to come into that place of worship.


Thank you for your reply. Praise God

Yup. That's why sometimes I really enjoy worship as a worshipper, among the congregation. I'm a worship leader too. Sometimes it's just so tiring and I get worry too much that I'm no longer in a mood to worship. I agree with you too. We do our role in helping others to come to the place of worship.

Thanks for sharing too.
You are welcome Brandon.

The simple answer, as far as I can see it, is that it is down to the band.  If they are on stage to show off and entertain, then its entertainment.  If they are more interested in making God famous through their music - Worship!

There is a time and place for both of these alternatives in my eyes

That's a very important thing. That's why the band is important. They need to realize that they are leading people into worship rather than putting up a show. They can put up a great show during concerts though.


Hello Brandon,

I have said this for a long time.  Both are "Godly" endeavors - but they are distinctly different in purpose.  Most of the CCM concerts by the big names are more about entertainment than worship -- cool music, awesome stage design, top-end PA systems, hi-tech lighting, selling of CDs/T-shirts/glow sticks etc.  Now, there is nothing wrong with this at all.  Christian entertainment is certainly a much better alternative than going to a "rave" party ....

Now I'm sure there is some amount of worship going on at these events, but in my opinion, the focus is in fact entertainment.

Let's also think about this -- why in the world do I have to pay admission to worship the Lord God Almighty?

In answer to your question: "Worship had become entertainment to the believers. How can we stop this from happening? How can we make people realize about the true worship?" -- How about asking the Pastor to do a series on Worship & Living a Life of Worship?  If that is not the answer, than perhaps the Worship Leader could speak a little bit about it every week .....


God Bless and as one of my fellow worshipers says, "Worship Hard!"




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