I just want to talk about this, there must be a proper word for this, but I do not know it. Have you ever heard someone talk about another person , as if He is not in the room, and they are standing right there? How many worship songs do you know that do this? Talking 'about' God, Worshiping 'about' God, as if He is not in the room. I can even think of very popular worship songs, which are basically saying, "My God is better than 'your' God".
For instance, sometimes when I worship, if everyone is singing 'He is Holy'....., I Sing, 'YOU are Holy. I just feel that many of the songs we sing are 'impersonal'....as if we are just worshiping to make a 'show' to those around us, rather than 'get down' and 'worship' God.....I want to get 'caught up', 'carried away' when I worship....and pray that the Holy Spirit is blessing others around me to do the same.
My intention isn't to pick on these songs, but for me personaly to write and encourage others , to 'lean' this direction in the writing. Does anyone have any additional thoughts about this?

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The other side of this for me is that I don't plan on writing third person or first person. It just comes out that way. In order to write "inspired" I have to be inspired. It comes in many shapes and different locales. During a sermon, late at night, listening to music, walking in the park. To me the danger in overanalyzing is that we make a formula of how to write. I'm not intimating that is what you are doing but it can end up that way innocently. Each of us need to be intimate with Jesus, and write what He gives us, trusting that we are hearing him correctly. Write what is on your heart, God will be pleased.

As far as the commercial Christian music industry writers are concerned they are writing from the formula to sell cds. Enough said. There are some good songs that come out of this.

I believe God is stirring up a movement of psalmists and minstrels who walk in the annointing and prepare a way for the Spirit of God to inhabit the space. Be a part of the revolution, write what comes out of your heart and relationship with Jesus, and ignore man's criticism. It's not written for him anyway!!
Good points Rob. I also want to point out that in the music industry, long before the big Christian Contempory boom.....the things that 'sell'...are usually songs that 'reach into' people's feelings and emotions. I think this is still true with Worship music. What people are 'attracted' to are those things that 'move' them, things that stir up our heart.
Yep, I agree somewhat, but I would add that stuff with longevity is the stuff that stirs up the heart. There's a lot of schlock that gets out there to fill up charts and quotas in both Christian and non-christian music. I turn on Christian radio and can't stay with it for longer than about 10 minutes. But I agree in general, the good stuff that has a long life and is remembered is generally the stuff that comes from the heart and touches our hearts.

I totally agree. I like to personalize. (i.e. sing You or We are Holy. I suppose praise can start out warming people up with less personal songs, but in the end it has to become very personal, to be truly worship. I love the concept of the Jewish sacrifice. The idea is that there is nothing left of the sacrifice at the end. However, few churches give one that opportunity to let that happen. I miss it even in Hillsong, where I am at present. I like it when people can dance and use all their bodies, and exhaust themselves in worship, but have to admit it has been many years since that has  beed the case for me! Nice encouragement. Thanks Robert!


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