Hey Everyone
I just finished my new ebook "Express Worship" and wanted to let you know you can get it for free! The book is about the expressions of worship we learn about from David in Psalms and how they are relevant today.

go here to get it free http://t.co/0Z7WoNRj

hope you enjoy


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Thanks, I've downloaded it and I will check it out.

Thanks! let me know how you like it

Cool..  I'm looking forward to reading it

thanks for grabbing it!

I'll check it out when I get a chance, got it downloaded.


Pastor Dave

I appreciate it hope you like it!

Thanks for sharing, Adam! :)

thanks for reading it!

Subscribed to the blog, but clicking on the download link the page loads and "finishes" but it does not download the book and the screen is blank.  Anyone else with a problem like mine?

Hey Josh, Sorry the book didn't come through, I'll send it to your email as a .pdf attachment. Let mek now if you have any more problems. thanks for subscribing!


Congratulations Adam, downloading it now, thanks for sharing!

Awesome Book.  I do have a question but your email link doesn't work for me.


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