They were madly in love and ran off to get married!

Where should they go and why, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Acapulco, Los Cabos or Europe?

Most importantly should the church bless their eloping with a party when they return? 

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Hey - no fair, bait and switch!
wha? For some reason I was thinking they were like having an affair "whole pastor has affair with church secretary kind of thing." It's a cliche, but funny lol.
Bet there would have been loads a lengthy replies if that were the case : )

I'd say, if any of the worship team write songs, then write one for them : )
it doesnt matter where they go. the only people this union concerns is them and God. no one else needs to be involved or make a decision regarding this issue. and no one needs to bless it either.
This IS "just for fun", right?????? Settle down,.. haha
You're right, on the way to Lake Tahoe their car broke down so they walked out into a beautiful mountain meadow and pledged their love to one another. As they made their vows, the birds sang and a gentle breeze blew through their hair. This they understood as God's confirmation that they were man and wife.

As the sunset they laid out their sleeping bags in the middle of the meadow where they consummated their union under God's starry night!
So, anyway, where'd you wind up going and how was it?

Umm, never mind that second question. Where'd you go?

And how was the party when you got home?
See above post Charles -

The next day they had their car repaired by a stranger who just happened by at the break of day.

Upon returning to church the following Sunday, the church was divided over whether they were indeed married or not.

What do you think?
Wait, I think I saw this movie...
Oh, dear, I'm afraid you're going to think me a terrible old fuddy-duddy.. but..

I think that if our current WL did something like this, I would tell the pastor that I didn't want to have anything to do anymore with the contemporary service, that somebody else could set up the mics. I do have some negative history with the current WL, but I think this would, for me, confirm my impression that he's in it for something other than "the worship."

If they're going to act married, they need to make it legal before they get back to church. Marriage is the oldest institution known to man. I don't care or want to know what they did in the dessert.


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