What should a salary package consist of?

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There are a TON of variables involved. You have to consider the size and demographic of the congregation, you have to consider what OTHER churches are paying (or IF they are), What the church is willing to pay, and if there is any room to negotiate, and on and on.

I have several friends who are Worship Leaders, and although I am not currently a Worship Leader, I have been one in the past, and will be one again in the future. The salary packages they receive, and that I received, virtually run the gamut. One friend makes $250.00 a week and receives no benefits. One receives $400.00 a week , a full benefits package, a credit card, and a car allowance. Yet another gets $500.00 a week, a benefits package, and a credit card. The salary package I received was $250.00 a week, and benefits.

Dan, I feel pretty comfortable that I will get a big pat on the back from my creator when I meet Him. However, Worship Leading is a JOB...and not an easy one. The folks doing this job deserve to compensated well for their efforts.

David, thank you. I felt a great need to know about this issue. again thank you. Valerie
Brother, I was not calling you out. You raise valid points.
The fact is, some churches who can afford to, do not pay their worship leaders. I believe this is wrong.

No need for me to create controversy....my posts removed...
Valerie, a salary package can be extremely varied depending on the church situation, your level of training, etc. One size does not seem to fit all when it comes to paying worship leaders and worship pastors. Is there a specific thing you're looking for, or a certain situation you have in mind? That might help us give better feedback.
I think this topic came up before, but I don't have time to search through the posts. If we want to get a fair answer, the variables we need to look at include:

1) Job Scope - lead the worship? Lead and play an instrument? Head the rehearsals? Train the musicians? Provide pastoral care for the musicians? Raise up other worship leaders? Travel with pastor for seminars and conferences?

2) Effectiveness? Does the worship leader do a good job leading? And in the other areas of the job scope?

3) Time involved? Work on weekends only? Weekdays too?

4) Any other work? Helping with admin? Writing? Preaching?

And all that BEFORE we even consider how large the congregation is or how much the church is willing to pay. :)

Putting it simply, if someone is being paid to be a worship leader (or for any other worship capacity) I have very high expectations for them. For one, I expect them to do their job well (at least up to 50% of what I can do, I think very highly of myself) and to bring the volunteers (if any) to greater levels of effectiveness. It's sad if there's a paid leader/director who leaves the volunteers looking bad while he/she looks the best in ministry, because he/she withholds info or just doesn't help.
Hi Valerie,

It seems that perhaps it's normal to pay worship leaders in the States...is that correct? I've not come across worship leaders being paid here in the UK apart from people who oversee the worship in the Church. So for example we have paid worship pastors/directors/deacons or whatever you want to call them but I don't think it's normal for all the worship leaders in a church to be paid here in the UK.

Are you asking more about the worship director or do most worship leaders receive payment for leadign worship in the US?

I'm very intrigued by this and look forward to hearing back from you.

Phil, in my experience, it usually depends on the size of the church. In small-mid size churches, only the director (if anyone) would get paid, while in some of these 1,000+ member churches, individual leaders, even team members, may be on staff. It all depends. I wouldn't say it's the majority though, the majority of team leaders in this country aren't paid, "directors" probably fall into a 50/50 scenario.

I would agree that it is a widely varying answer. I personally know of people who are paid from as little as $150 per week to $90,000 per year.


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