Sometimes I feel thrashed by the enemy. Especially right before a new event. It seems that when I most need to be preparing and practicing that people come at me from every angle. I am performing tomorrow night at a small restaurant and it is my hope and the owners desire to have a worship service there in the near future.
At the same time three different people (men) found ways to find fault with me and discount my feelings. Also, I took a fall on some concrete and banged myself up a bit.
I really feel inadequate and afraid. I know I can not do this without Jesus. The town I am entering in is less than 1% churched and there is lots of Wicca and Buddhist Worship. It is crank infested and very toxic.
I would appreciate prayer and also hearing about others' experiences and suggestions which arise from the Holy Spirit's leading.

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In that order?
i don't know about the order, but i do know the dog actually comes back to life. i understand you get your job back as well.
Best to stay away from country music then.
These attacks the enemy means to tear you down. Yet I believe God allows them so that we will never forget to rely on Him.


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