I am a new member here in this forum and i'm glad and blessed to find this kind of group. i am a worship leader in my church and leading for three years..my church which is more like a small gathering without proper building moving from house to house throughout the week.

By God's grace, my team is going out for a worship tour next month to some place we have never been before. we will be leading the worship in different churches and unreached place(non-christian), some big and some small. my spirit is willing but i have the tension and uneasy feeling as to how i will face the challenges in these places...1). we will face language problem.2) song choice/they might not be familiar with the songs that we sing..3) i play the main electric guitar as i lead in songs which is a lots of concentration.

I need help.

anyone who might have come across this type of situation...pliz, i really need ur advice. 

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Just keep the music simple by avoiding songs with difficult tunes or unpredictable word lengths. Middle eights can often be omitted as they just add one more part for a new listener to try to learn. We English speakers tend to underestimate how many others speak our language so don't worry about that. Resist the temptation to showcase your best playing and just try to enjoy yourselves.

Listeners of all types respond to the musician and not the song (unless it is a very well-known song). So I would suggest that you choose songs that really mean something to you and that allow you to put feeling and emotion into it. The audience will hear your heart and be drawn to it, even if they don't agree with the theme or the words.

I agree with John; enjoy yourselves and let that joy be your testimony. May the Lord bless this opportunity as you step out boldly for him!


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