Our church currently uses the free program Open Song.  Is anyone else using that?  What have you done with it?


Is there an affordable alternative to Media Shout that any of you has had success with?

We basically want it to:
import directly from SongSelect and format the slides for us
integrate internet video
add copyright info to the slides
allow looping backgrounds

Thanks for your help!  Suzy

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Easy worship is one I've used in the past. My absolute favorite is Pro-Presenter, but that's a lot more money, and it's a mac only program.
SongSelect will export as TXT files, so you can use any program for that.

- do you care about chord sheets and lead sheets and/or transposing keys?
+2 for easy worship...good stuff there
Media Shout, all the way.
Media Shout - Only if you don't have Pro Presenter!! :-)
We were using Easy Worship.
Then we had a come to Jesus meeting and saw the Light. Now we use PRO PRESENTER!!!!! Free @ Last!! :-)

Seriously: we are moving to a mac only church. So we have mac and PC mixed. It is kinda weird but we make it work.
Anything is better than easy worship. It is easy until you start to get creative. Then go to Media shout if you cant get Pro presenter.
Media Shout is every bit as good as Pro Presenter - try this article for reference - http://bit.ly/65Trxo Also, Media Shout is available for Mac now, so it's a no-brainer. ;)
Easy worship is wonderful for us. We don't do internet video in services so I don't know if Easyworship has any special features for that. We just bought Songselect so I don't know about that but it can't be hard to copy and paste the lyrics in. All the other features we use just fine.
We are old school. We have a couple of volunteers who alternate doing the PowerPoint every week. One of them enjoys that sort of thing, so she is more likely to put in more interesting graphics. We've never used video, but I bet she would put it in if I asked her.

If you're concerned about cost (as we are), a free alternative to PowerPoint is OpenOffice.org's Impress.

We get our graphics from the worship backgrounds group on Flickr. Not sure if they have video up there too - I want to say I saw a couple people posting some the last time I was there.

We use SongSelect from CCLI so it's easy to paste the lyrics in. When we do a new song, we create a PPT file just for that song, and the PPT person for the week copies and pastes from those files to make 1 PPT for the service. We use Dropbox for free file sharing and sync'ing (up to 2GB per account) between computers - so if someone makes a new PPT for a song, everyone's files are auto-updated.


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