'Worship Moment' Competition - Win A Copy Of Power Music - ENDS TODAY! (Fri 13th Nov)

We've got 3 copies of Power Music to giveaway thanks to our friends at Cambron Software . If you haven't heard of Power Music before then check out a review I did of it a couple of days ago here.

We've had a some great suggestions from our members for a fun competition and i've incorporated a few of them to come up with the following:

For your chance to win a copy of Power Music simply submit a Video or Photo of a "Worship Moment". What I mean by this is a worship related video or photo. Feel free to mention 'Worship The Rock .com' at some point in it or on it.

So, be creative, be funny, or be serious - it's up to you!

Examples of "Worship Moment" videos & photos might be:

- Video of you singing a well known worship song with different words (e.g. see here)

- Video of you singing the wrong word or phrase to a song by accident

- Video of you playing a song with the capo in the wrong place, or tripping up, or smacking the microphone with your teeth etc

- Photo of you leading worship in a cool place: e.g. beach, top of tall building, in a cave ?!

- Funny photo of you practicing a worship song

- A special worship moment

I'm sure you'll be more creative than this though - think outside the box and follow these rules please:

1) Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes (preferably under 1 minute).

2) Videos should ideally refer people to Worship The Rock .com, either by someone mentioning it or simply by having a screen at the end with the link on.

3) Photos should ideally have the words 'Worship The Rock .com' on it somewhere.

4) Please only submit a maximum of 3 entries per person.

5) Submit your videos or photos by posting them on this discussion. Either embed the videos from YouTube, assuming they're there, or add a link to a video you've uploaded to Worship The Rock. If it's a photo just post the photo or a link to the photo.

6) The deadline is Friday 13th November 2009. Don't worry about timezones - I'll make sure the cut off point allows for all timezones.

7) Have fun! - (this is a must!)

I'll pick the 3 winners from all entries and each of the winners will get their very own copy of the full version of Power Music 2.0.

N.B. (Please only submit a video or photo that you're happy to be used publicly - we may for example post some of the videos on a YouTube channel and email them around).

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lol hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I could visualize that happening! Thanks for sharing.

i guess that was my submission. but i forgot to say "worshiptherock.com" in the entry (as per rules above). so there it is. worshiptherock.com. worshiptherock.com. worshiptherock.com. i'm referring people to worshiptherock.com. a little hard i guess, considering they would have to actually come to worshiptherock.com to read this entry in the first place. o well. my attempt to abide by the rules of the game.
Great idea! So true...gonna do that to my submission! :-)
ok... i know this is pathetic marketing... but priscilla... if you're looking for some new worship music, check out my website, www.myonedesire.ca. the mp3s are cheesy level recording, but there are a few songs there that churches love. like here we stand, and my one desire. lol. sorry about that. i just know that these songs are loved everywhere we do them, and that leaders are always looking for new singable music. alright, enough pathetic marketing. at least someone is laughing at my entries.
Dear Phil,
Kindly find the Photos of me worshiping in the wilderness enjoying the creation of our God during one of our Mission Trips in Gujarat, India
Leena Joseph
Oooh, I love the last one (WTR Three).


Really wish I had a video of this past Sunday morning...could've entered it in this contest...as Pastor announced that it was time to partake in the Last Supper (it's every first Sunday at our church), we headed up to the platform. *sigh* There are only TWO steps that we need to climb. Well, I took the two steps and as everyone in the congregation is standing up and being all solemn and serious, I tripped (I'm tall) and there was an audible gasp...and a quiet giggle (not me!). So, my knee's bleeding and it's time to sing "The blood" as I'm holding a tissue to my knee.


(I know this doesn't qualify...just wanted to share the joy.) :-)
lol :-)

You must be able to take a photo of you with the knee? :-)
Oooh, yeah! Only, it's an ugly gash, but great idea!! :-)
Just to let you know i've amended the terms and conditions so you don't HAVE to include the words "Worship The Rock .com" on photos and videos. Hope this helps people to submit stuff!

Remember, worhsip isn't just musical so feel free to submit any photos or videos that you think signify a worship moment. Maybe it's just you playing your favourite sport, or out on a walk in the mountains or something else. Feel free to be creative :-)


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