'Worship Moment' Competition - Win A Copy Of Power Music - ENDS TODAY! (Fri 13th Nov)

We've got 3 copies of Power Music to giveaway thanks to our friends at Cambron Software . If you haven't heard of Power Music before then check out a review I did of it a couple of days ago here.

We've had a some great suggestions from our members for a fun competition and i've incorporated a few of them to come up with the following:

For your chance to win a copy of Power Music simply submit a Video or Photo of a "Worship Moment". What I mean by this is a worship related video or photo. Feel free to mention 'Worship The Rock .com' at some point in it or on it.

So, be creative, be funny, or be serious - it's up to you!

Examples of "Worship Moment" videos & photos might be:

- Video of you singing a well known worship song with different words (e.g. see here)

- Video of you singing the wrong word or phrase to a song by accident

- Video of you playing a song with the capo in the wrong place, or tripping up, or smacking the microphone with your teeth etc

- Photo of you leading worship in a cool place: e.g. beach, top of tall building, in a cave ?!

- Funny photo of you practicing a worship song

- A special worship moment

I'm sure you'll be more creative than this though - think outside the box and follow these rules please:

1) Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes (preferably under 1 minute).

2) Videos should ideally refer people to Worship The Rock .com, either by someone mentioning it or simply by having a screen at the end with the link on.

3) Photos should ideally have the words 'Worship The Rock .com' on it somewhere.

4) Please only submit a maximum of 3 entries per person.

5) Submit your videos or photos by posting them on this discussion. Either embed the videos from YouTube, assuming they're there, or add a link to a video you've uploaded to Worship The Rock. If it's a photo just post the photo or a link to the photo.

6) The deadline is Friday 13th November 2009. Don't worry about timezones - I'll make sure the cut off point allows for all timezones.

7) Have fun! - (this is a must!)

I'll pick the 3 winners from all entries and each of the winners will get their very own copy of the full version of Power Music 2.0.

N.B. (Please only submit a video or photo that you're happy to be used publicly - we may for example post some of the videos on a YouTube channel and email them around).

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Here is a Holy Spirit moment of Singing in the Spirit.
I have never uttered these words before but as the Lord led,
they came out my mouth and before the congregation.

Be blessed !

Am I to enter somewhere else on the site?
This photo is of me leading worship at the Operation Mobilisation Missions conference in Cape Town in 2004. This opened up many ministry opportunities for me and i have since travelled to Uganda and Zambia to lead worship at various churches and missions conferences. As you can see, I am left-handed and i am playing my prized Epiphone Les Paul Standard.

Any other lefty worship leaders out there?

To God be the glory!

Darryl Lawrence - Cape Town, South Africa
It was several months ago that I had a similar "tripping" experience. It is four steps up to the top of the platform and while I didn't try to take more than one at a time, they are not all the same height steps and on my way back up to lead the congregational prayer time I took them too fast, tripped on one and went sailing about a third of the way across the platform. There was an audible collective breath, a pregnant silence, and then as I started to get up one of my former trustees in the congregation shouted out "I give pastor Dan a 9.5!" It was precious moment of shared laughter and sweet fellowship before the serious business of prayer.
lol............it's alright that is experience that is life, full of tripping but with lesson.......
Ah, from one fellow "trip-per" to another...it happens. At least you weren't wearing heels!!! lol...although, I think yours is funnier than mine. "I give pastor Dan a 9.5!" Classic!! :-) You've got my vote!

Well today is the final day of the competition...and we've currently only got three valid entries, and 3 copies to giveaway. So these three have got a 100% chance of winning at the moment!

Loads of you have uploaded photos to this site - why not pick your best one and add it to this discussion - make sure you do it today and you've got a very, very good chance of winning!

Here’s our Worship Moment! The day we sadly had to say goodbye to our oldest band member at 88! We thank God for the wide agegroup (the youngest is 15) – it has its challenges but it does us so much good to work together and learn from each other. There are 5 singers, 2 drummers, 3 guitarists, 1 bass, 2 keyboard players and a sax. And a sample of one of those sticky moments…

Steve (22 yr old drummer) “How many beats before we come in Ray?”
Ray (88 yr keyboard player) “You just feel when to come in”
Steve “What if we both feel at different times?”

Anyone beat that for age range???

It's one of those moments where I'm teaching a new song, but the words are missing from the screen for the congregation to sing. No amount of exhortation will get folks singing when they can't see the words! ;-)
This photo is from my trip to Peru in 2005 with Compassion International. It was taken at in the small village of Eten where we spent three days ministering to and building a classroom for the Compassion project there. I had spent the morning singing and playing for the children and taught them my song 'Glory Lord' (the Spanish version). Whenever Juan (the boy in the photo) would pass me as we worked throughout the day, he'd bolt from the activity he was supposed to be participating in and plead with me to get out my "Guitarra! Guitarra!". As God would have it, Juan and I found ourselves together in the courtyard of the project during a lull in all the activities, so I got out the dulcimer. We sat on the ground and amazingly, this little boy learned to play the song in minutes - fretting through the chords slowly and steadily. A crowd gathered and we all sang as he played. Half the people on the tour were in tears. This boy gave me the best worship moment of my life.

Hey Phil, I was hoping to record something newer and higher quality but time has been a hot commodity lately... Sorry Anyway, here are two songs/videos. One is an old hymn text that I set to new music and the other is adapted from a prayer from the that Valley of Vision. Pick which ever you want to enter into the contest.


I Lift My Eyes
Here's how we "worship the Rock" on the Live! stage at the Kansas City Power and Light District.
This photo was from an event called Overflow. I loved working with this team - unfortunately 2 of them got married and moved away. I may have already posted this on worshiptherock.com


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