Today I started singing a song in a different key than I was playing on the guitar. After trying to recover, I just stopped, apologized to the congregation and we started the song over. Have any of you done this, and if so what did you do

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Amen on the printouts!

When I was actively playing drums for worship I would always think "no prob, we're doing the same old, same old..." and by the end of the 2nd song I'm too caught up in playing that I totally forget what song's next!

Thank God I was playing in one of those teams that didn't need me to count in, so my mental lapse was never noticed... :)
One thing I've found really helpful is not only to print out the list of songs, but the whole worship set (lyrics, chord charts, key change & chords for key change, intro chords, open singing, instructions for links etc) all on one A4 sheet. It takes a little bit of an effort to do that, but we've found that it's really worth the while. And with the songs all printed on one sheet of paper, there's no need to flip pages etc. hence no paper flying around on stage : )

On top of that, different worship leaders tend to do different songs in different keys (guys like it higher, ladies lower), so the printed sheet really helps the band get in the right key. I have also found that it has helped during worship instructions to the band is made so much easier when they also "see" what you are trying to tell them.

But of course, the printout should always carry a disclaimer: "Subject to change as led by the Spirit" : )
I have done it, and so has matt redman, chris tomlin, charlie hall, and ever other worship leader thats ever lived. It happens... It sounds as though you handled it just fine. {:->~
Thanks everyone for your replies..I am going to close this discussion thread on Sunday night so if you mess up a worship set Sunday let us know as it is the last chance....blessings all.


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