Each month we share our worship set lists with other members by simply copying and pasting our lists below. Please join us in sharing your worship set lists for December 2012 here.

This is a valuable resource as it's a great way of getting new song ideas to include in our own set lists. Please feel free to include as much (or as little) detail as possible - i.e. song name, songwriter name (e.g. artists name), when the song was written, what key you play it in, how the song "went down" with your congregation, how you merged it with another song betc.

You can post worship set lists from your Sunday services as well as any mid-week, cell group/house group meetings.

Thanks for participating!

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Bat Mitzvah/Shabbat Service
December 29, 2012

Regular worship set(mostly requested by the bat Mitzvah):

- Hine Ma Tov               Em

- Then Shall the Virgin   Em

- Praise Adonai             Am

- Mayim                        Am

- For Your Name is Holy Em

- More Love More Power Em

Torah Processional:

- Ancient of Days            D

Haven't played Ancient of Days for about 5 years... thought about bringing it back recently.


White Flag

Here for You

Forever Reign

10,000 Reasons

I'm in a New World
I Know Who I Am
10000 Reasons
Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul
You are Good
Yesterday, Today, and Forever
I See the Lord
Jesus at the Center
Ancient of Days
Days of Elijah
Carried to the Table
Come Unto Me
Happy day (Jerry lead)
All I Want to Do
I Will Enter His Gates
Not to Us
Chasing After You

Just a Little Talk with Jesus
Revelation Song
When I Think About the Lord


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