Each month we share our worship set lists with other members by simply copying and pasting our lists below. Please join us in sharing your worship set lists for February 2011 here.

This is a valuable resource as it's a great way of getting new song ideas to include in our own set lists. Please feel free to include as much (or as little) detail as possible - i.e. song name, songwriter name (e.g. artists name), when the song was written, what key you play it in, how the song "went down" with your congregation, how you merged it with another song betc.

You can post worship set lists from your Sunday services as well as any mid-week, cell group/house group meetings.

Thanks for participating!

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Wednesday, February 2nd

UTurn Student Ministries at The Warehouse


Trading My Sorrows -- G

Sing, Sing, Sing, -- E

Revelation Song -- G


Awsome night. To God be the Glory...

Just had one of those night where we didn't want to stop playing.

Hey, would you mind sending me your chord sheet for Revelation Song?  We are doing it this month for the first time.



When we play it the chords are D, A-7, C, G repeated over and over...
If a guy leads it, try the Key of "E"...for a girl, C or D (Oh, and that A-7 should by Am7, btw)
Been studying the Jazz theory book for the last few months.  Minors are listed with the - sign and majors are ∆, Means the same thing...  So Am7 is A-7 and AM7 is A∆7.

"Been studying the Jazz theory book for the last few months" 


What?  Isn't that of the devil?  (Especially the straight instrumental jazz!!!!)


All kidding aside--it's been a couple years since I've seen that designation but it still registered to this tutored by a jazz musician sax player as a minor chord.  The dominant chord would be straight A7 without the - between them.

It's only of the devil when you play the tri-tone, which resides in the A7 between the 3rd and the flat 7.  Uh Oh I just let out the secret devil chord LOL.  


I like those designations better as my eyes are having trouble telling the difference between the big M and the little m from several feet away...


Thanks for the input.  I love to geek out on theory....

Oh, true. It just looks funny to type it like that. It's usually superscript.


Harp in my Heart – Kevin Prosch

Beautiful Things – Gungor

Mighty To Save – Hillsong

God of Wonders -

Everlasting God – symphonic version



 We Suffer, We Rejoice

Harp in my Heart – Kevin Prosch

Blessed Be Your Name

Fire Fall Down – Hillsong

It is Well with My Soul -



 Count Me In – Leeland

How Great thou Art

You Are so Good to Me -



 Revelation Song – Philip, Craig, & Dean

Harp in my Heart – Kevin Prosch

How Great is our God

There is Nothing Like – Hillsong


All Because of Jesus

Can I Have More of You

All Who Are Thirsty

Freedom Reigns

Agnus Dei



Only by Grace - Graham Kendrick
Who is there like You? - Stuart Townend
Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
Here I am to Worship
The Power of the Cross - Stuart Townend

February 6


We Unite by Elevation Worship (E)



Hallelujah by Andy Rocker of Seven Stories Up (A)


Revelation Song by Jennie Lee Riddle (A)



Not to Us by Chris Tomlin (G)


All Because of Jesus by Steve Fee (A)


February 13


We Unite by Elevation Worship (E)


Until the Whole World Hears by Casting Crowns (A)


All to Us by Chris Tomlin (A)


God of This City by BlueTree (Bb)



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