Hello everyone,

I just joined this forum. I'm a musician and a christian, I play saxophone and piano for worship and my husband and I work on worship services together. I'd like to expand the range of songs we do, in our congregation although some people like the rocky type worship music others I think would like alternatives to this, and not necessarily classical hymns. Therefore, I'm looking for suggestions for songs a congregation can sing, that I'd be able to get hold of sheet music for as transcribing is quite time consuming and our pianist needs to have the sheet music in front of her. I'd really like to find worship songs that are singable by a congregation but have a touch of blues, jazz or soul about them. I'm probably asking a lot but I'm sure there must be some out there. I have written 1 or 2 myself but I'd like to find more material to draw upon. Any suggestions?

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The title song "Rejoice" from my wife and my CD is a kind of blues-jazz mix that has a great sax part.


I like that, is it on the amazon uk site as I'm in the uk and do you have any sheet music as well?


I will have to look to see if I still have the sheet music. It would just be a lead sheet.

Lead sheets are fine :-) Your album is on amazon uk as well by the way. 

I will see what I got.  It should not be too difficult to re-create it if I can't find it. Of course it would probably be the way we did it later than that recording so it would be a bit different.

Found the sheets and scanned them to pdf.  PM me your email addy and I will send them on their way to you.

"SIng of the Lord's Goodness" by Ernest Sands is in 5/4 time and will remind you of Dave Brubeck's "Take Five." It has been a favourite of both my present and past parishes.  Unfortunately, I don't know if there's a sax part for this or not.



Here's a song called "Witnesses" that has a funky arrangement.  I've done this piece both straight and jazzy.  Unfortunately, no sax part.



Here's one of my own compositions that I wrote an alto sax part.  No piano part yet, and my little demo recording doesn't have the sax part in it.



Thank you, that's really helpful. Don't worry about recommending songs without a saxophone part as I'm used to creating my own based on the chords, of course it's great to have one already worked out :-) 

Check out anything recorded by Tommy Walker.



Hi - it's good to see another Jazz person here.

Some of Israel Houghton's songs are good, as well as Jonathon Butler's 'Falling in love with Jesus' (CCLI# 4476773)

We also do -

That's Why I Love You    5763069    Israel Houghton/Aaron Lindsey

Thirst for You                  4517917     John Ragsdale, Jr./CeCe Winans

If you have CCLI's SongSelect, you can downloard chord charts and lead sheets for most of these; they may also be available commercially...


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