One element that is often neglected in many worship circles is dance and movement.  We started at our church a few years ago when one of the leaders felt she needed to bring some bright coloured fabric to church.  Many took to it, especially the youth.


Some of the older members of the congregation were put off by this, particularly (interestingly enough) people who had been most heavily involved with revival and renewal movements in the 80s.  One man told me it felt a bit "new agey" and that he didn't understand it.  


Nevertheless the presence of the Lord seemed to manifest strongly whenever we worshiped in that way. It was never choreographed, just people grabbing the fabric lying around and moving to the music.  The teens (girls especially) found it to be a way to connect with the worship in a way that they hadn't before, and whenever we visited other churches or ministries (which we tended to do a fair bit) it seemed to both crank up the enthusiasm and help others to get to a deep place of worship, even seeing us there.


A few of us even started visiting churches specifically to bring worship dance there.  Metaphorically speaking, we were bringing a bottle of the wine the Lord poured out on us.  


So my question is: Is this popular anywhere else?  In Montreal we're a little bit isolated.  Not many Christians here, with estimates between .5% and 1%, so I really don't know what everyone else has been doing.

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I love dance when it's geniune. I don't see it much here in South La. but it's all over. Just not radical. Just can't handle it when they dance and have two tamborines. Man that drives me nuts. lol

I am in South FL and we do have dance teams at our church- youth and children. We have a very, very diverse church in terms of age and culture and it seems that everyone is moved by it when we have it. I am planning to have dancing and dancing with flags/banners at Easter!

I too feel that the young people really feel that they can connect to God and the Church in this way and it is evident on their faces when they are praising the Lord through dance. I think that is what the congregation picks up on and is blessed by even if it is not "their thing".


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