What up everybody?  I am a small church, mostly Tomlin, Hillsong, Gateway, etc...and am looking for a good song for Christmas that involves Violins. 

I have considered 'I will rise' but wanted to see if anybody else has any good ones as well.

Thanks in advanced. 


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The Mercy Me album The Christmas Sessions (released in 2005) would have some songs on for sure. They have strings in pretty much every song they do. Also listen to songs by Casting Crowns (like Joyful Joyful from Until the Whole World Hears or some of the songs off of Peace on Earth). Melodee Devevo is their vocalist/violinist so they do violin on a lot of their songs too.
Thanks! I was just thinking of Joyful Joyful, that nice new arrangement, thinking of starting out the new year with it, and I didn't know who produced it.


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