The title says it all.  I'm looking for something with a swing feel to it instead of the even eighths that most songs currently are.  I haven't thought all too hard about it, but none come to my mind at the moment.  This will be used as a sort of 'change-up' to the standard fare either opening the service or the 'coffee song' after the service as people mill around and put chairs away. 


Thanks for your help.

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I'm pretty sure the song "You Alone" by by Jack Parker and David Crowder is/was originally in swing time, although our WL turned it into a 3/4 song. When I was WL, we pretty much stayed away from swing time 'cause the band just couldn't handle it.

don't you mean they couldn't "swing" it? (sorry, couldn't resist...:))
"When I was WL, we pretty much stayed away from swing time 'cause the band just couldn't handle it."

It's quite possible that it won't work here either, but I'd like to give it a shot.

Thanks for the suggestion. I found the Crowder version and it is in swing time, though a bit slower than I was looking for.
do you mean jazz or an old Blues shuffle any muscian can play Charles.
Either way. I think the drummer and I (bass) could have handled it, but our guitar player and keyboard player would have either gone into 3/4 or straight time in the middle of the song. As mentioned, our current WL, who is a reasonably good guitarist and singer, doesn't get swing time. And there are so many good songs out there in straight time that it just didn't seem worth the battle... I think that either jazz or a blues shuffle would qualify as "swing time," tho' I think Michael was looking for something with more of a jazz feel.

What do you mean by "swing" time? Do you mean like a shuffle? Or a a 3/4 or 6/8 time signature?
A song in 4/4 time that each beat has a triplet feel with the downbeat taking 2/3 of the beat and the upbeat taking 1/3. It's in a lot of blues songs, a lot of sinatra type songs and some older rock/pop songs. I don't think it's very popular now, but I'm not up on current music. I do know it seems to be almost nonexistent in 'church' music. I suppose it's quite similar to a shuffle if I'm thinking correctly.

Ones that come quickly to mind are
Pride and Joy--SRVaughn, California Girls--Beach Boys, Boom Boom--JLHooker, Madison Blues and One Bourbon.....etc.--Thorogood, Some Kind of Wonderful--Frand Funk RR

If you're a jazz guy then think Killer Joe, Freddie Freeloader, Sugar, and most versions of Summertime
Crazy!!!! As I was rereading my own post to Cincy I realized that earlier today a song on the cd I had on was what I was after! Here's a version I found on YouTube. I even found the chords on 'Higher Praise'!!

Change Me On the Inside--Brian Doerkson
just depends on what church music you have been listeing too.Don Potter I BELIEVE on ,your are correct a shuffle ,when someone says swing ,to me thats a jazz groove.,there is a smoking sax lead on that song Don Potter is one of my fav worship faciltators,check him out wipedia ,what a kat ,one of the most sucessful producers in music city,sooo give it a spin bro, :)
Thanks for the tip Larry. I'm a tenor sax player myself and that guy even looks like me when I had a beard!
Sometimes I have fun swinging an older song - I have fun with "We Are One" and then I don't know how the original's done but we always do it with a swing feel - "My Redeemer Lives"


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