The title says it all.  I'm looking for something with a swing feel to it instead of the even eighths that most songs currently are.  I haven't thought all too hard about it, but none come to my mind at the moment.  This will be used as a sort of 'change-up' to the standard fare either opening the service or the 'coffee song' after the service as people mill around and put chairs away. 


Thanks for your help.

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Thanks Andrea,
I can see--or actually hear in my head--how My Redeemer Lives can be done this way. We did this one quite a bit last year (almost too much!) at a very fast pace and the new wl, who had played the ripping acoustic guitar part a couple times, put it into retirement when he took over. Maybe he'll bring it back if we changed it up a bit as we're changing quite a few of the older ones recently.
mmm us old drummers call that a shuffle :) .check this out on Don Potter ,I BELIEVE ,this guys are Kats, is this what you are talking about :)
I see now. Personally I'm not a big fan of the shuffle outside of swing music, and know very little worship songs that use it. I suppose in theory you can take any 4/4 song and shuffle them yourself, but if you did that with a song too well known it might throw a lot of people off lol. But you never know, maybe the congregation might like it.
I can remember when my sister's fiance came from Ireland to our church, and they found out he was musical and asked him to play "I have decided to follow Jesus" as the closing song. And he played a jazz version with a shuffle and no one knew whether to sing, or dance, or something. It was a great way to do the song don't get me wrong, much better than the dreary way we sang it, but it was funny to see how everyone reacted.
Yes--I can hear it in my head and it's a GREAT way to play that song!!!
Yeah, that's one I've done that way too - lots of fun to do!
yea I get it,I was talking about something that you wrote,i love intimate worship songs ,playing swing is more like Jazz a shuffle to is like a Blues song mmm they play a lot of triplets too ,most songs that we play in church are not swing .but hey we are free :) if you are a real worship leader ,you might not want to turn on the bright lites so much :) we are to lead right ~LAR
I was looking for something joyful to either start off the service when, unfortunately, far too many folks are congregating in the hallway (we meet in a school auditorium) or after the service when they get coffee/snacks in the back of the auditorium or put away the chairs. I love intimate worship songs too, and would love to do some of the stuff you suggest/point out. This congregation isn't ready for something like that at the moment, but I believe we may be heading down that path. It's only fairly recently that we've done more contemplative type instrumentation in the songs we do and the response is more and more positive.
Hillsong's "That's What We Came Here For" You can really swing "Standing On The Promises"


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