Hey guys, some of you may have heard of this and some not, but I'd like to start a thread about my app called WorshipSong Band.  There is a ton of info over at the WorshipSong Band web page at Worshipsong.  To see what it does watch the video of a multitrack in it below.

The mission for this app,briefly, is to offer an open, accessible, and free platform for using multitracks in worship setting that is both powerful and easy to use.  Its designed to allow all comers to benefit from its features, meaning our primary motivation is not to sell tracks,but to offer the same or better technology that is being offered to the church by those that are. Here is a brief feature rundown:

  • The identical app is available on all devices people are likely to want to use it on, including IPad, Android, Windows, and Mac
  • Audio features include seamless jump/loop during playback, pitch shifting, individual volume/mute/solo for each track, left/right click/loops, and presets for quickly fading to a mix
  • Chord chart features include chord display synced to playback including looping, smooth scrolling, wireless networked chord displays from a single master, and lyric display output.
  • Control features include MIDI control, Bluetooth pedal control, and touchscreen.
  • Library features include a set list, and sorting by genre, key, BPM, and track provider. Tracks are set up as zip files in an open, documented format, and can be simple backing tracks or stem sets with up to 11 individual instruments.

This was launched about a year ago, and we are steadily picking up users all over the world.  We will soon be announcing the availability of over 75 PraiseCharts multitracks downloadable from PraiseCharts and ready to use in the app with full chord chart synchronization. In addition to the tracks we have in the WorshipSong catalog (with many high quality free tracks from independent artists), and you can use multitracks from any source.  See our catalog page for more details.

Let us know if there are any questions.

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