We have launched our new Spotify playlist, WorshipTheRock.com Discovery!

This first list includes songs from 14 WTR members. We will be updating this playlist regularly and watching it grow. This is a great way for WTR members to get their original worship songs in front of you. Not every song that was submitted has been included, but as we'll update the playlist regularly, submissions are always welcome.

Click the logo to the left or THIS LINK to go now to WorshipTheRock.com Discovery on Spotify!


The April 2017 Discovery playlist includes the following songs (in no particular order):

"You Are A Good Shepherd"
Lenny Smith: You Are My Hiding Place

"Never Alone"
Jason Whitehorn: Never Alone

Ryan Anglin & TBC Worship: The Sound of Hope

"Reckless Abandon"
Rob Whitlow: 3

"Sing To The Lord"
George Hillman: Sing To The Lord

"Only By Your Grace"
David Michael Carrillo: A Pilgrim's Progress: The Best of GentleWind Music

"Bread And The Wine"
Holy Cross Band: The Mystery Of Grace

"Make Your Home In My Heart"
David Woodman: Looking Up

"Forever King"
Moving Mountain Worship & Dale R Rugge: One

"In This Place"
Al Hilgendorf: I Will Follow

"Lord Find Me"
Robert Orndoff & Disciple 13: One Day At A Time

"I Just Want To Know You"
Joe Aiken: Behind It All

"Over And Under"
Thurane: Over And Under

"You Reign Forever"
C52 Worship & Nathan Gifford: Let Your Name

Be sure to comment below and feel free to hit up the writers to get chord charts and such if you'd like to introduce a song in your local church.

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