Many of you WTR members are active worship songwriters and we want to help you get your music in front of others... especially other worship leaders that might want to introduce your song to their own church!

One new resource that we are launching is a Spotify playlist that will feature ORIGINAL (no covers) worship songs written by WTR members! We are taking submissions NOW!

You can submit ONE song per calendar month to be considered. Of course, your song must be available on Spotify to be included.


The "fine print" details for this submission are:

  • You must have an active profile.
  • You may submit ONE (1) song per calendar month. 
  • Song submissions must be completely original works.
  • If the song is co-written, you must have authorization from all contributers to submit the song.
  • Song must be in the praise & worship genre and appropriate for congregational worship services. Songs intended more to be used as "special music", for seasonal productions or other non-congregational elements of a service will not be accepted.
  • Your song must be available on the Spotify streaming platform.
  • You will not receive any review or feedback of your song.
  • By submitting your song, you give us permission to post and utilize the song as a part of our Spotify playlist, which can be posted on the or websites and our social media accounts. You should have your song officially copyrighted, although this is not required for submission. You also release and from all liability for royalties or reproduction.
  • We reserve the right to NOT include your song in our Spotify playlist if we feel it does not meet the requirements noted above, is not a high enough quality of recording, or for any other reason that we determine to apply.

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I appreciate the idea and effort and look forward to what others might post. However I don't know that I make the kind of quality recordings that are suitable for release on Spotify. I will likely share any congregational worship song via the song feedback forum. And if I share a likable congregational song in the feedback area or on my profile I would be glad to know that someone used it in worship at their church (I will even provide a chord sheet of asked) But I will keep my eyes and ears open to what others may share on the Spotify listing.
I understand that. We will be launching a song contest soon also, which will not require a Spotify quality recording. :) I am also hoping that the contest will result in some recording as well. Working on it...

Will the song contest limit the genre to congregational worship songs or will it be open to CCM, Worship songs that are not congregational, and other Christian music styles?

Well, the focus will certainly be worship music... although the line is pretty blurry as to what is "worship music" vs "CCM". It depends on who you ask. :) I'd say that any song that could effectively be used in a church service would count. Not every song in a service is "congregational" and intended for everyone to sing along, but still plays a role in the overall worship experience. Hopefully that answers your question.

Nathan, thank you for starting something up like this.  I will see about getting some of my own songs submitted, just so you have some things to experiment with, though I guess I'll have to figure out how to sign up for spotify... I guess it's not that tricky to do :-)

Brian's remaks about recording quality are insteresting, just because one of the songs that we HAVE been doing at our church is one of his, the original recording was not great, but I thought the song was.  Well, I'll keep checking the songwriting pages, too :-)

Anyway, thanks for trying this, hopefully it will stir up some interest.

You might also want to make a point of saying that "WtR is not responsible for any copyright issues."  That doesn't mean that songwriters HAVE to formally copyright their songs, but if they don't and somebody "steals their song," it's not WtR's fault.  Maybe taht's covered by Spotify anyway, and we're just making a playlist...

For anyone that's interested, but doesn't have music on Spotify yet, check this out:

Loading your music to CDBaby, Tunecore, or other similar services will automatically get you on Spotify, iTunes and just about everything else. There are other options also for Spotify. The link above will get you to any answers you need though.

I am a Worship The Rock member and every time I click on the Submit Your Song Now link above I am sent to the site where I can't log in or submit a song.  The "fine print" above said nothing about that.  Am I missing something or can someone guide me where to submit my song for consideration in this?  Thank you

Sigh... sorry about that! Yes, the submission goes through the site. There was a setting in place though, mistakenly, that was forcing a login prior to accessing the form. I'm so glad you pointed this out! Thank you!

It has been corrected and you can freely access the form now. You may have to clear your browser cache... if you still see a message about logging in.

Such a good idea! Looking forward to getting involved!

Would love to submit a song, but don't see where/how to do this. A link? Am i missing something? Thanks.

It's in the original post above. Here it is again though:


It is working today. Thank you and God Bless!


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