Many of you WTR members are active worship songwriters and we want to help you get your music in front of others... especially other worship leaders that might want to introduce your song to their own church!

One new resource that we are launching is a Spotify playlist that will feature ORIGINAL (no covers) worship songs written by WTR members! We are taking submissions NOW!

You can submit ONE song per calendar month to be considered. Of course, your song must be available on Spotify to be included.


The "fine print" details for this submission are:

  • You must have an active profile.
  • You may submit ONE (1) song per calendar month. 
  • Song submissions must be completely original works.
  • If the song is co-written, you must have authorization from all contributers to submit the song.
  • Song must be in the praise & worship genre and appropriate for congregational worship services. Songs intended more to be used as "special music", for seasonal productions or other non-congregational elements of a service will not be accepted.
  • Your song must be available on the Spotify streaming platform.
  • You will not receive any review or feedback of your song.
  • By submitting your song, you give us permission to post and utilize the song as a part of our Spotify playlist, which can be posted on the or websites and our social media accounts. You should have your song officially copyrighted, although this is not required for submission. You also release and from all liability for royalties or reproduction.
  • We reserve the right to NOT include your song in our Spotify playlist if we feel it does not meet the requirements noted above, is not a high enough quality of recording, or for any other reason that we determine to apply.

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Nathan, may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you for your endeavors as you seek to win souls through music. This is my gift as well that Christ has given me. I am writing from my AT&T iPhone so pardon the fact that I am going to put my link right here in the comment box. I hope this is not a problem. I wish to share with you my very experimental track called I will trust in the Lord. This is taken out of the book of Proverbs. It is certainly a congregation sing along. Or at least, I would certainly sing along to it in a congregation. But then again, my opinion is biased as I wrote it.

Thanks Timothy, but you need to submit here for consideration:

Keep those song submissions coming in! Click "Submit Your Song Now" in the original post of this thread. Thanks!

Just wondering - will there be any notification if a submitted song is accepted? Also Where is the playlist? Is it not created yet? I searched Spotify and could not find it...I guess it starts in May?

Blessings! And thanks for doing this!


Notifications are forth-coming for the selected songs. The list will be published within the week! There's still time to submit too! :)

The first edition of the Discovery playlist has been published! See details at:

Go to the playlist here:

After listening to the first list of songs posted (14 songs), I appreciated hearing what was offered up so far.  Just one thing, and this is not meant as a criticism, but it seems as if several of those songs are really more suitable as "special music" rather than for congregational singing.  That is no reflection on the quality of the songs, only that I thought this was intended to be a list of songs suited more toward congregational singing, and that other types of songs would not be accepted.

I understand that. At the same time, what is congregational or not depends on who you ask to some extent. :) It doesn't appear that you submitted a song for this on. You can always do so. As it is new, that congregational element may not be as strict. Once awareness and submissions grow, it likely will... and may even morph into more than one playlist.

Are the songs that are submitted supposed to be 'Congregational' songs?  I write devotional worship -- some of my songs are congregational, but most are not.  Just wondering what the "criteria" was for the submissions.  Thanks much! - T

Congregational songs would be the focus, but as I said above, that definition can be pretty broad. I do see that you submitted a song. Thanks! We'd love to see this develop and grow into multiple playlists that are more specified, in other languages, etc.


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