.....or would He be just a trouble-maker?

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"Come have Your way among us... We welcome You here, Lord Jesus!" -Paul Baloche
Would we recognise Jesus? Or would it be like the road to Emmaus?

Sorry, not answering your question.......it was the first thing that popped into my head.
I dare to say, if Jesus came, "not revealing Himself", but preaching, living, speaking out and doing the things that the Father speaks to Him to do, we would probably have a rough time accepting Him.
YES! Jesus is the reason we have a church. Now that being said...would all of us recognize Jesus if he walked in? That is a completely different question. I think Mark Hall has written a bunch on this very subject. He paints the church(Evangelical) in America in a way that really makes me look at how I view those around me...we (the leaders in the church) really can learn a lot from some of those simple but not easy Truths we read and preach...but not always practice.

Caught me on a week where the topic is surrender.

ALL to Jesus I surrender....



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