I am not  a great lyrics person and I think it would be great if a few of us wrote a song together on Worship the Rock! I have been blessed with coming up with chord progression and tune of the song! Just wanted to see what you all thought! Let me know!


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to see more of his face in the world today
Does my face look like His?
Is it just another party mask
Or even worse, a ministry mask
Holier than thou
Humbler than Mother Teresa
Crazy cool With-It cutting-edge Mister Together

Did my lips drop names or lift up hearts with kind words?
Were my hands doing what my face was saying?

(not exactly poetry - this is in the "any thoughts? category)
This sounds like a great idea. I have really enjoyed collabs with other Christians :)
I'd think about it - i'd have to hear the melody tho before thinking about lyrics.


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