Big sigh... ok, now we are ready go! As you all know, Phil (founder of WTR) had stepped aside after years of hard work to build this great service for worship leaders everywhere. Nathan Gifford, myself, took on the ownership and ongoing management of WTR. The service that this site runs on was coughing a bit even before the ownership transfer, but shortly after we made the big announcement that WTR was here to stay and under new ownership... the site went offline. :/

Well, both myself and Phil have been working hard to resolve this. You wouldn't expect this transfer to have been such an ordeal... but it was. Our hands were tied for a bit, but we worked together and finally got everything resolved!

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience while WTR was unavailable! No worries now though... as all is online and ready for your use.

I'm very excited about taking this on and look forward to what the days ahead have in store for all of us! Take a minute and check out my profile page if you care to find out a little more about me... and please introduce yourself and feel free to ask any questions or contact me for any reason as we move on together. Thanks and be blessed!

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Glad this site is a blessing to you! I hope you can visit regularly and contribute to the various discussions. The more everyone participates, the better and more effective it will be. :)

Hey Jayson, it's been a while, great to see and hear from you.  Keep posting : )

Haven't checked in awhile but it's cool to see the site up and still gathering worshippers.  :) looking forward.. -Erik

Welcome back! Hopefully you can chime in regularly. Activity nearly died, but it's reviving again. :)

Glad to see that the site is still here, I quite enjoy reading what other worship leaders are doing, and what the Lord is doing in their fellowships! Thanks for taking it over and keeping it running! 

Good to see you popping in and glad to hear that it is a good resource for you and your ministry! I hope you can chime in on discussions and help to keep the discussions rolling and growing. Thanks!

What happened to our music player on our page?? I see where I can still upload songs but there is no player on my page any more. Has this featured been removed?? I used the player on my own ministry web site.

By the way thanks for keeping WTR online.


David, thanks for pointing this out! It had been disabled unintentionally. You should see back on your page to utilize now. Please confirm. Thanks again!


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