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Hi Lenny, this is one catchy song.  There others on the site that are far better equipped than me to give feedback so I will leave you in the hands of the experts, chiefly Charles.  However, can I ask you in advance if you could possible put the lyrics to your song on too and maybe a little about the song.  Thanking you for posting.

Lorraine:  I do have lead sheets to my songs.  See attached.  Does this work for you?  Lenny


Thank you so much for this Lenny : )

When I replied to your discussion I had not idea that you already had your music all published and thought your were looking for feedback from others members who prefer to read the lyrics as well as listening to the melody.  Are you looking for feedback from other members?

Big congratulations on the release of your new album you must be well pleased, let us know how it all goes.

God Bless. Lorraine

Lorraine:  Hi, again.  I AM looking for feedback.  Only the people really know what has the juice.  I have lost faith in the industry being able to identify good songs.  They seem more interested in pushing stuff they own, than in pushing stuff that has the juice from the Holy Spirit.  I just keep throwing songs out there until they get past the gate-keepers to the people....the people know what they really like:)

I'm afraid I don't know alot about the industry side of things but can only imagine as it's the way of the world today and I am coming across it more and more in all walks of life - doesn't make it right though!  It's refreshing to hear that you have more about you than that though and you are thinking about what the people like and of the inspiration from the Holy Spirit.  Music to my ears indeed : )


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