Come on people... let's be real... haha :)

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Yeah, I mean, if you can't just roll your own, you may well be lacking in the minimal musical skills a worship leader should have!

Haha good point!

Saving some time and getting a nice, accurate, well-formatted chart is great. But when you grab a "chart" from Ultimate Guitar and places like that, you may as well just start from scratch. :)

Oh yes, how very true! 

'A nice, accurate, well-formatted chart is great'  Is there such a thing? I aint found a foolproof one as yet. Sometimes I play the chords and think 'whaaaaat'!!  And for where they place them.  Now is that because they jump around when uploaded or do they think the chords actually go there?

Yes there IS a place! Every chart at is custom-made and guaranteed accurate. And guess what... the chords are actually placed exactly where they line up with the lyrics! What a concept, right? :)

The stuff that people upload online... sheesh... and even worse, there are people that go and download it! haha!

Ok, I hold my hands up and stand corrected : )  I have to be honest though and admit that I've never tried WorshipReady for chord charts, sorry : (

And another thing whilst on my soap box (WorshipReady not included of course) they put these charts in strange formats with tabs etc. and it can be an operation when trying to make changes or copy and paste. Like you said earlier, you may as well start from scratch

Lorraine - if you dig around WorshipReady a little bit, you can find some charts that you can download as free .pdf files. I just went through this exercise and I remain convinced that in order to have a chart that works for our band, the way I want us to sing a particular song, start from scratch...

I will admit that in the WR .pdf file, the chords are (almost all) properly aligned, though not always the chords I would have chosen.  Copying & pasting into a word doc, chord alignment goes away, but maybe you have more options if you're a WR member.

Thanks Charles.  The time I have wasted in the past whilst trying to save time and amend chord charts has taught me that most of the time it is easier and less time consuming to start from scratch.  Even copying and pasting lyrics can be a pain when transferring them onto a song sheet for instance. 

When reading back this reply I notice that I have used the word 'time' several times!  Is this a sign of the times?

Based on the specified recordings, the WR charts are ALWAYS properly aligned with chords and lyrics. And the chords themselves are guaranteed to be accurate, again, based on the recording. You may play something different, which is fine, but the charts are on the money with the CD it is associated with.

Also, getting PDF charts from ANYWHERE is very limited. That's why the focus of WR is to use the OnSong or SongSheet Pro iPad apps so you can import charts in that are fully editable... finger slide key changes, etc. No need to ever copy and paste from PDFs and such. That is a practice that no one NEEDS to do anymore, unless you're not using current tools like OnSong.

Not everybody does... I get that... but it is a MAJOR advantage to those that do.

Thank you Nathan for putting me wise on the WR chord alignment and their accuracy.

Although I am familiar with OnSong etc. and have looked at them briefly I have still ended up doing my own chords in......... ahh, dare I say it 'Word'!  The reason I do this is because I swap and change chords by the week depending on how I want a song to sound and what I hear in my head at that particular time.  Plus, when on my own without all the technology, I can just wack up a songsheet without any problems.

I guess it must sound like something out of the dark ages but I love to mess about with chords and arrange songs and do what's in me to get the best from a song.  Goodness knows it's taken me long enough step out in faith and actually do what's been in my heart for many moons now.  Apologises fro getting off track somewhat : )

"Always" is a pretty high standard. I consider myself quite a stickler for detail and yet I'm still quite pleased every time a chart I've created makes it through being used in earnest without spotting something to improve.

Indeed, that is one of the reasons I really like using an app based system (OnSong is my current choice for things with lyrics and chords). Not only can I easily transpose if I find that what worked practising at home doesn't quite fly singing in church or if I need to help out someone else in the group but I can quickly correct other glitches like wrong chords or when it would simply be helpful to do something like repeat a chord at the start or end of a line - it is all about what makes it as easy as possible to play from.

For the charts I work up, I use the ChordPro format. OnSong can understand it and it gives a reasonable range of features. I also like the fact that I could use my charts with a number of other programs so I'm not locking myself into OnSong forever. In particular, I like the fact that you can read the chart directly - it looks better with chords above the lyrics and with font sizes and colours adjusted but [A7]you don't get the [G]blues if you have to [D]read it inline [A7]


Yes, a very high standard and one that can be achieved when charts are all custom-made... not just re-sold PDFs from the original publisher. 

Regarding OnSong, the WorshipReady charts all are done in that ChordPro format with bracketed chords and such. There are some elements that are more specific to OnSong however, like section headings done like "CHORUS:" instead of "{chorus}".

We've worked also with SongSheet Pro, another iPad app, that has integrated WorshipReady as a source to import from. They've also made code changes in their app to fully support OnSong formatting... instead of just the main ChordPro elements. It's a pretty nice option too, although I still lean to OnSong personally.


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