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I'm sure we're all familiar with the scripture where Jesus tells the woman at the well "the time has come and is now where true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth" (John 4:23). However, there are many evidences or fruit that shows one isn't living as a true worshipper, and sometimes..well many times I have to check myself and ask "Joy, are you being a true worshipper?" So I am asking that you all finish this line: You might be a counterfeit worshipper if.....

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Romans 12:1 - "Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship."

By that standard, I'd say we all fall short of being authentic.
you cant praise God in the storm!
What do you mean, when you use the word "praise".... (in this context) ?
The reason why I ask, is because I think of praise primary as an outward expression and just one (actually small) facet of worship (to give worth to something). I think the word trust (or cling to) would be better in this context. I think its very important to state, that it´s okay to be mad with God, and also express that - actually I think God understands and wants us to run to him with our frustrations. I´m sorry If I´ve misunderstood you, but in some ways I find it a little cliche when I hear someone say "praise God in the storm" - I think, if we are not clear, we end up getting a little confused on what we actually mean by saying it...
Or maybe its just me?
If you have not learned to praise him in advance knowing the outcome will be because; He said he is working it out for our good and we know His word is true.
Well, for me lately...I am seeing that I need 'more' from worshiping the Lord....It needs to 'overflow'...to others. We have to reach the point where we 'have enough'.....if we are going to have 'more'.....it must overflow into others. Yes, I must worship....but I must also 'bring' others to worship.....and 'see' them in and nurture them toward God.....when I see 'these' in worship...and experiencing the same joy, then my joy will be more complete.
Great point Robert...worshipping God yesterday was great for yesterday but today I need and must go deeper. That's a good word to use "overflow".
you only worship at church and worship is not your day in day out LIFESTYLE!!!
Anonymous....I am going to have to heartily disagree. I think I worship a lot more outside of the church....and I am trying to understand 'how to'...make it 'completely' my day in and day out lifestyle. I certainly do not have any thing 'better to do'...... I want to know how to give EVERYTHING to God.....all of my time. If I am not able yet to figure out how to make it my 'full-time' job/24-7....then I am certainly 'on-call'....at least I am when I am 'able' to hear the call. Sometimes I miss the call...I just don't always understand when God is showing me something I can do. But thank you for your post....it was very useful to me...to show me that I really 'do' mean this with all my heart.
Robert...I wasn't meaning we should worship 24/7 ( is that what you were saying?) =) ...simply that all too often christians leave worship at church and don't pick it back up until the next church service rolls around. We should give God some form of worship every day of our lives
Well anonymous and Robert, I think that both of you have good points here. Worship is or should be every Christian's lifestyle meaning in all we say and do, bring God glory...meaning may our actions, thoughts and words point others in the direction of our Lord, not our flesh. So it is a full-time job if you want to look at it that way, so most of our worship can be considered outside of the church because many of us (I know I do) only spend 2 or 3 days at church where one is Bible Study, one is rehearsal and one is Worship service.
Ok clearly I can go on all day about this so let me just say, you might be a counterfeit worshipper if you KNOW that you are only worshipping God at church and you CHOOSE not to worship Him outside the church. I had to say it that way because I remember a time when I actually thought that you only worship God at church, so that statement only pertains to a person who knows that worship is a lifestyle but chooses not to live the lifestly but rather just go to church, lift some hands and say amem.
Amen, Amen. How do I keep from singing? Look out people, I have been filled. Gonna be some running over going on! Hallelu.....yah. I will LIVE in the house of the Lord forever....I aint waitin to go to no church building.
This was the point I was trying to make w/ my post. Worship is more than Sunday morning. We get very focused on "Worship" being this thing where we sing and get down on our knees. It can be, but worship is the sacrifice we make, allowing the Spirit to have His way in us in order to fulfill God's will...whether it's with a guitar strapped on and a mic, or whether we're walking up to someone on the street and sharing our story because the Spirit instructed. And my point was that we all fall short of that at one time or another, that's why we need Jesus so much.


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