Just wondering what you guys believe in. I know its been pretty controversial, (almost to the point where you would think its the key to peoples salvation lol) But I'm just curious as to what you all believe.

So which is it? A 7,000...ish year old earth/universe?

Or a universe Billions of years old.

I personally believe in the earth that is billions of years old, but just wonder what you guys think.

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Conclude? We've only burned 21 pages, how could we have "concluded"? We'ere just getting started.

Thanks Matt for a great subject!
Anytime Stevo ;-)

I've been Kind of sitting back and watching this go on and this is great. i love seeing the input on both side. total eye opener to some things i had never even heard/though of!
I had forgotten about this topic...but just recently have been 'fascinated' by plain old ordinary sand. What is remarkable about sand...is that God most likely created 'sand' in the beginning along with the rest of creation....however, He is still mass-producing it right now. Fascinating, absolutely fascinating. Has anyone ever looked at sand under a microscope? I would like to take the time to study each one, they are beautiful. There are many different kinds in different places in the world, and probably not one is the same as the other.
He's mass producing it still? I thought it was somewhat on the decline on beaches and stuff?

However, to your point, this world's technology is enabled by sand via optical fibre. I used to work in a plant that made it. Part of the process of making optical fibre is to melt sand down and take it through several stages of purification until it becomes 99.999% silica. Millions of miles of optical fibre are strung all over the world and to me that represents perhaps the height of technology and it comes originally from plain old sand that was probably there at the beginning.

Robert - thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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