Hey, just want to know when you had your first song lead during worship, what song did you use, and how did it go?



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It's been quite an eye opener for me personally reading some of my own posts from old discussions.  I can see growth in some areas eg. my capabilities in leading worship.  However, it kinda shocked me when I realised I was much more spiritually alive some years back.  On a positive note, it has really helped me examine my spiritual wellbeing - which is all important - and do something about it.

Charles Wolff said:

I think Phil has been bumping some old discussions (and starting some controversial new ones) in order to shake some life into the boards :-)

It would have been while on internship in my last year of Bible College, fall of 1995. I do not remember any of the songs on the set list, but it is safe to say that the only song on the set list that is probably still on my active list would have been whatever hymn I chose to lead. I was just a vocalist back then and very green and unaware of good things like key transposition to fit my vocal range :)


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