Getting Started

Welcome to Worship The Rock!

Here are seven ways to get the most out of your time here on WTR.

#1 - Fill Out Your Profile & Introduce Yourself

Don't just put one word answers for each question and ignore the optional questions. The more you share about yourself, your interests, desires, goals etc. the more you will connect with like minded individuals. This is also the place to share a link to your blog or website. You may also like to introduce yourself in this category in our forum.

#2 - Upload Your Songs

If you're a songwriter then you'll be pleased to know there are a number of ways you can share your songs on your profile page. You can either upload directly on our site here or if you prefer you can use a widget from another site which may be hosting your songs (such as soundCloud, ReverbNation, etc.)

#3 - Participate In The Forum

Our forum is where all the good stuff happens! You'll find plenty of different categories containing a wealth of information which we've amassed over the last few years. If you're a songwriter then you can use this category to post your songs and request feedback on them.

#4 - Blogs, Photos & Videos

In addition to the forum members also write blogs and photos and videos on WTR. This is another way to connect with the community and to share more about yourself. Perhaps God has been speaking to you about a particular aspect of worship, or you've recently discovered a Bible verse which resonates with you - post a blog and encourage others too!

#5 - Be social!

We also maintain a Facebook page and post regular Tweets on our Twitter page (usually daily). Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to stay better connected!

#6 - Invite your musical friends

Invite your worship team or band members and start connecting your online and offline lives! Discuss worship planning in the forum with your team and you might just find someone you don't know has a pearl of wisdom or perhaps is simply blessed by reading what's going on in your church.

#7 - Find other members in your area!

You can browse through thousands of member profiles one by one if you like, but a much faster way to find people in your area is to do an advanced search. This also lets you search for members by musical gifts, favorite music etc.

If you only choose to do one of the above please, please do get involved in the forum. This is where most people find themselves for the majority of their time and it's where you can be open and honest and share your advice and wisdom as well as request support and input from others.

Thanks again for joining and please don't hesitate to email me directly if you have any questions or need any help.


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