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What Acoustic Guitar(s) do you play?

Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

Started by Worship The Rock

233 Mar 9, 2020
Reply by Michael Haynes


 I play a Seagull Artist Edition cutaway with dual pickups. It is a very nice guitar. I have not sampled many different typs of Strings ap…

Started by David B Williams

24 Jun 26, 2014
Reply by David Loeffler

Alternate Tunings

Does anyone else mess around with alternate tunings? I'm a huge fan of DADGAD. I also like to use my Kayser (sp?) capo in unconventional wa…

Started by Nick Olson

20 Jun 26, 2014
Reply by Arthur J Baker

Capos and Trasposing.

I'm a huge fan of using a capo. In fact, I use one on almost every song just because I love to transpose. But other members of the band lik…

Started by Stefanie Myr

35 Jul 3, 2013
Reply by John Dierckx

Mic The Acoustic?

I usually plug my acoustic in through the Taylor blender thing and it sounds pretty good. But the other day, for a particular song, I sat o…

Started by Stevo

18 Jan 30, 2013
Reply by Greg Newhouse

Does anyone else use effects on their acoustic?

I have a ton of effects when I lead with acoustic guitar. I think I really wanted to be a guitarist. Anywhy here is what I use for worship…

Started by David MacRae

26 Feb 26, 2012
Reply by floyd

How often do you replace your pick / plectrum?

I've recently noticed that all my picks are a bit rounded and don't sound as good as they used to. How often should I replace my pick? Not…

Started by Worship The Rock

23 Feb 20, 2012
Reply by Stevo

Time to re-fret my AC guitar... fretting experiences?

I have a 4-year old custom guitar made by James Goodall.  It's a stunning guitar to look at and to listen to / play.     I've played this g…

Started by Dave Hartwell

1 Mar 7, 2011
Reply by Stevo

classical guitar sound reinforcement.

Does anyone have any tips on using a microphone with a classical guitar so as not to sound like a miked classical guitar? I love the sound…

Started by Greg Newhouse

2 Mar 7, 2011
Reply by Stevo

electro classical/nylon strung guitar

Hi All, dors anyone use a nylon strung guitar in worship leading? If so do you use any effects? I play Lead/melody lines mainly and wonderi…

Started by Roger Appleby

7 Feb 23, 2011
Reply by Stevo


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