Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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I play a Takamine EAN40c - lovely sound!
I've got a hand crafted Washburn (6 Strings) with a Fishman pickup.

Been trying to look for a nice pedal to increase my sound spectrum but haven't found anything yet. Any suggestions?
Very nice. Have you heard the Fishman Aura floor box. Amazing!
I have the Aura on-board my Ibanez Steve Vai Signature.
It's amazing to say the least! I just wish I could move it onto some of my other guitars...
Hey Michael. I've got a Washburn WD 80 made in the USA. It's all maple body with a Satika Spruce top, mahagony neck & a Rosewood fret board. I put a LR Baggs I Beam in it for a pickup. Salesman (Bill) told me the neck was made by Martin & the body was made by Gibson the assembled @ the Washburn custom shop. I believe him cause the neck looks & feels like a Martin, kinda hard action with a lotta fight but well worth the fight as it sounds so good. You can feel the air moving thru the body, good strong tone and vibration! Love my guitar. See ya. Earle...thebaldbassguy.
Fishman aura is the way to go.
I play a Santa Cruz Tony Rice model, - really sweet sound, looks simple but sounds amazing!! Big sound, I love it
Elixer Polywebs are still the best for this guitar, but it wears out fast.
I totally love Santa Cruz. One of the best sounding for sure!
My main guitar is a Martin J40. Totally love the way it plays and sounds.
I also play a Taylor 710 Brazilian Rose Wood prototype. Really dig it!
My best sounding guitar is a Custom Brazilian Rose Wood Moze made in 1980.
I also have a Big Baby Taylor for around the house and a Baby Taylor for the trunk.
Taylor guitars. Amazing.
I have the same Taylor possibly - 710BCE?
Wonderful sounding instruments. I hope to get a Taylor (even if it's just a dreadnought or GA) in the future but from what I hear, the sound cannons (the jumbos) rock!


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